The Science of Getting Rich Review, Author, Wallace Wattles

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Looking for a PDF file of the book entitled “the science of getting rich”? I am a fan of “the science of getting rich” book, I love this piece and I have learned so much in this book. A practical guide wrote by Wallace Wattles. I have read this book over and over again and I memorized some piece written in this book.

Let me write the review about this book, I have bought this book a year ago. I found out this book is totally amazing and absolutely teach you on how to get rich in a certain way. The science of getting rich masterpiece has an available copy such as in PDF files, hard copy (book) or even an audio materials that can be found for free on the internet. I say for “free” except hard copy (book). PDF File can be download for free.


Who is the Author?
The author of the science of getting rich book was Wallace Delois Wattles, he is an American author born on 1860 to 1911. His masterpiece remain useful because of his amazing explanation and mindset on how to really get rich. The book remains popular until today like the book of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.

Lesson Learned from this Book
As I’ve said earlier I have learned so much things in this book. And one of great things I can’t forget is the statement about business transactions. Wallace Wattles stated in his book “the science of getting rich” that “Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction.”

Worth Your Money
I may say, this book will cost you a small amount of money but for me, the real value of this book is worth millions. it will teach you on how to get rich in the right time, in the right place as the right person.

This book won’t teach you on how to become rich quickly,  it will teach you on how to acquire wealth with integrity. The book doesn’t mentioned any ways to get rich fast by joining different schemes and ideas.

Also, this book reminds me about how to think in a certain way. To get rich, one must think a specific things such as amount of money, amount of products to deliver in a marketplace, shares of stocks to have to consider yourself as “rich”.

Think in a Certain Way Example
How much should you earn per day to make 1,000,000 dollars? The answer is, approximately $2,740 per day in 365 days to acquire your first million. How many products to sell to acquire 10,000 dollars a month if you make  a profit of 8 dolllars per product? You should sell 1,250 pieces of your products per month to acquire 10,000 dollars.

In my own experience, as a hog raiser, I am making a profit of 2,500 pesos per hog from starter to growing stage. It simply means that I have to raise hogs not less than 400 to make a profit of P1,000,000 annually.
Now you know, this book is practical and easy to follow and understand.

Beneficiaries of The Science of Getting Rich

The science of getting rich will be beneficial for those struggling financially, or the ones looking for a proven formula on how to become really really wealthy. How to succeed on business – the solution will be “sell unique products, new product, invent new product that has new value” Don’t do a business through the law of competition, instead do it, through the law of creativeness.

I can say that I gain a lot of benefits after I read this book, I can also say that this book will change your mindset about riches and prosperity. That, I, as a human, deserve to become rich. Anyone deserve and has the right to live in prosperity, but, few know the secret to riches.

Who Wants to Have The Science of Getting Rich Copy?

I have PDF file on my desk, if you want to have a copy of this book, please like Facebook page and send me a message, the subject should be; i liked your facebook page science of getting rich free eBook.

Liking my Facebook page is just an option, if you are serious about getting rich, invest in education by means of buying business and finance books, and of these is, the science of getting rich written by Wallace Wattles, and a hard copy is better than a soft copy. Make this book as a gift for your children or even grand children.

Thank you for reading this simple review about this book. There are some useful business and finance books not just the The Science of Getting Rich recommended here at

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