Spending Money for Dating Sites Subscription to Find Lifetime Partner

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Question: I spend almost $150 per month on dating sites. I am 45 single dad from Pennsylvania, USA. I have 2 kids, divorced. I am currently working as a sales representative in a (appliance store). I am planning to have get married again and this time I want to make sure that the woman I want to marry is the right one for me. The problem is I can only talk to the woman online, through dating site. Before I access the site fully and talk to the woman, I should first pay the monthly payment for their services. Should I spend money on dating sites to find lifetime partner?

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Answer: Many people nowadays love to shop online. They want instant products or services. They want convenient shopping. But, I think when it comes to serious matter like finding lifetime partner through online dating sites, it is okay to use dating sites services but make sure you are able to meet the person (woman or man) personally.

Tips in Using Dating Sites 

When you are paying for dating site services, make sure you can access not just the photo of other members. DO ensure before you pay your monthly subscription to the dating site, you are able to send message or talk to other members.

Choose only the reputable dating sites and prefer to choose only the sites that has a lot of members in your local area. If you are residing in California, then make sure there are lot of members from California. If you are residing in Pennsylvania, then find woman or man in Pennsylvania using dating sites that has lot of members from Pennsylvania.

Tips in Finding Lifetime Partner

As a support answer to the question, it is your decision whether you will subscribe to a dating sites or not. However, dating sites can’t give you guarantee that you can find your lifetime partner.

The best way to find the lifetime partner is searching man or woman not just online (through dating sites) but on your work, in your church congregation, in your neighbors or  when you travel. You can easily find a lifetime partner as long as you know the traits and characteristics of your dream partner.

Spending Money for Dating Sites Subscription to Find Lifetime Partner

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Dating Sites Tips and Warnings

  • There are legitimate and scam dating sites. be smart enough to identify the legitimate.
  • Search and investigate which dating sites are the best.
  • Here are some of the most popular dating sites you can choose; Match.com, PlentyOfFish, Zoosk, okCupid, eHarmony, Badoo and Christian Mingle.
  • Beware to the promotional materials that you received via email.

A Sort of Financial Advice

Spending $150 per month for dating site monthly subscription should be stop. If you will save your $150 per month that earns at least 5% per year within 10 years, you will have a total of $22,640. This amount of money can be a good for your child’s education funds. Analyze which is more important to you; money or love?

What about the other readers? Do they spend money on dating sites? How did you meet your lifetime partner? Let me guess, is it your childhood friend, a classmate or a co-worker? Leave a comment below.

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