If Planning for Retirement is Difficult, then Hire a CFP

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on June 18, 2016

Ways to make retirement planning easy and become more convenient if you have lack of confidence, knowledge and information about it. Many people are not confident to create their own retirement plan. Some people might have knowledge and got more information but they are not interesting. They don’t even know that they can make retirement planning easy with the guide and services of financial experts. A CFP or certified financial expert can help and guide us in our retirement. They can teach us how to save and invest to have enough retirement savings. But, we need to pay for their services. Maybe you asked, why should I hire a Certified Financial Planner? The answer for that question is this, would you like to lose money because of wrong investing decisions (financial mistakes) or will you pay someone to help you and guide not to lose your retirement funds as much as possible? I will personally choose option number 2.

This article is a continuation of our retirement planning guide entitled “how to start planning for retirement”. I am sure this short article will help you decide and give you a clear understanding about the importance of hiring a financial experts just ensure we retire comfortably.


Make Retirement Planning Easy and Convenient

1. Hiring a CFP Certified Financial Planner

The first thing you need to do is to think whether you can do retirement planning in your own or it would be better if you will hire a financial experts that can help you and give you information about the things to and about the things to avoid when planning for your retirement.

A certified financial planner can help you create a financial goal, analyze your financial situation, can guide you where to save and invest and most of all, a CFP can help you build you retirement investment portfolio.

Make Retirement Planning Easy and Convenient by Hiring a CFP

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2. Find a Certified Financial Planner

Where to find a CFP? You can search a CFP online, on investment company or in a insurance company. If you want to find a CFP easily, all you need to do is to ask a friend or a relative who already hired a CFP.

In United States, most certified financial planners have their own website or blogs. They share retirement planning articles, personal finance and investing tips to their clients via online presence.

3. It’s Worth Paying a CFP’s Professional Services

Believe me, it’s worth paying the services of financial experts. If you fail to plan in your retirement planning or if you made mistakes and you discover your mistakes when your retirement is in near, you’re probably facing a financial struggles. But, if you plan a retirement way, you will become comfortable, relax and have a peace of mind. It is because you know you did the right way to save money for your retirement. That is common sense. Why not hire someone and pay for his services.

In retirement planning, you should know the retirement funds you really need to retire comfortably. How much money to save for retirement, when to save it and where to save and invest. Also, you need to analyze the risks every time your age and needs changed. A CFP can help you allocate your assets. This means a CFP can help and guide you how to distribute your investments properly.

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2 comments on “If Planning for Retirement is Difficult, then Hire a CFP

  1. Rachel Lannister says:

    You wrote that if you fail to plan your retirement or make big mistakes, it can cause serious financial struggles in the future. I was wondering what those who had to seriously think about retirement did to best prepare themselves. Having that professional assistance could go a long way in keeping you safe and secure in your financial position, which is very especially since you won’t be working anymore. Thanks for the read.

  2. Dedicated server says:

    In the taxable account, invest for the dividends and dividend growth goals stated above, with a balanced portfolio approach for safety. In the retirement accounts, invest in dividend-paying companies with excellent prospects of dividend growth.

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