PRC Online Registration for Licensure Examination – Online Application

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Try PRC online registration for licensure examination for fast and hassle-free process. There are lot of advantages if you file board exam online. The PRC online application will give you a form to fill out online and just submit them in the PRC official website for verification.

I hope this guide in PRC online registration for licensure examination makes sense and useful to those who wants to take the board exam. Follow the step by step procedures from top to bottom so that you can successfully file a licensure examination.


PRC Tip: 

Use the form below to submit an application for Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) licensure examination. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields. Double check the spelling and do not forget that all fields marked with asterisk * are required.

Also, For REPEATERS who have submitted their application using the OAS starting March 2012 ONLY, you may download your old profile by clicking this button. For repeaters who took their last exam earlier than March 2012, kindly encode your full profile.

There are 5 five parts for you to fill out the required information such as the examination details, applicant’s personal information, school information, review center information and previous examinations taken.

PRC Online Registration for Licensure Examination – Online Application

Part 1. Examination Details

In this part of online registration for licensure examination, you need to state the name and date of examination, place of examination and number of times taken the examination.

Note that you have skip the other information related to LET wherein if anyone who wants to take licensure examination for teachers will have to select level and the major. Same with the marine deck/engine applicants will also select the applicable rank.

Part 2. Applicant’s Personal Information

You just need to type your name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, civil status, permanent address, spouse’s full name, spouse’s citizenship, father and mother’s full name, father and mother’s citizenship, your mobile number, community tax certificate or cedula and its date and place of issued.

Part 3. School Information

In the PRC online registration form, you also need to indicate the details of your school to where you graduated at.

To know the PRC code of your school, just click the search button. A new window will pop up, search the school by typing the name of your school in the search bar. Then, choose the school.

You also need to choose degree or course. Just click the search icon, and the new window will pop up, then search a degree or course. In our example, I use “architecture” and “education”. Example, AB in Christian Education, Associate in Computer Education, Bachelor in Physical Education, etc.

After that, you will also enter he name of your review center. Skip that part if you don’t take any review classes.

Part 4. Previous Examination Take

In this part of PRC online registration for licensure examination, you need to indicate if you already taken exams. Just select the name, date, place of examination and the result of examination.


IMPORTANT: This maybe applicable to nursing board exam online application and to other professions or skills. Please review all information carefully prior to the submission of your application. Before you click “Save”, you must review the important and required information to avoid hassle.

The system will then save your PRC online registration. I know you are ready to file a licensure examination. To get started in PRC online registration for licensure examination, visit this page.

Good luck to your licensure examination and to your career. I hope you will pass the board examination. Let me know you’re experiences in PRC online registration for licensure examination. Leave a comment below.

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