Prayer for Financial Freedom

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on December 9, 2015

Here I say a little a prayer for financial freedom. I believe anyone can achieve financial freedom through prayers. But mind you my dear readers, praying alone can’t help you achieve financial independence. I wrote this prayer for financial freedom for you as a guide when asking for guidance to our Almighty God.

Through prayer, we proved our faith in Him. We entrust God for all our financial goals and plans. God has everything we want. He provides everything we need.


A Simple Prayer for Financial Freedom

Almighty Father, thank you for the knowledge and wisdom on how to manage my finances. Please help me achieve financial freedom. I need your guidance. Help me find the best investments that can help me achieve financial independence. Through your help, I believe I can become financially independent.

Help me to find solutions to any of financial worry. Help me increase my knowledge on how to prepare my financial future. Give me more money so that I can help more people.

I will promise You that if you grant me financial freedom, I will praise your holy name and tell other people how great you are. I will become humble and keep on doing what you only want. I will become blessings to others by generously sharing to other people the things you have given me. I will offer more to you whenever I attend the worship service. I will speak kindly and humbly. I will tell other people how you blessed me prosperity. Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you!

In the name of my Lord Jesus, Amen

prayer for financial freedom

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Make Your Own Prayer for Financial Freedom

How to create your own prayer for financial freedom? Prayer should start by thanking God. Asking for forgiveness and then asking for what you want. End the prayer in Jesus name and Amen.

Praying to God is easy, But, don’t just say a prayer. Pray with your heart. You can pray for financial freedom everyday, every week or every month. Praying means you are not leaning in your own understanding. Prayers can be guides.

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