Get Your Retirement Wishes if You Act Smart for Your Finances Now

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on April 1, 2016

What are your retirement wishes? Do you wish to retire with one million dollars or more? Do you wish to retire with your loved ones living in a peaceful environment?

It is FREE to make a wish. But not all wish may come true. Some wish aren’t coming true because people just make a wish and didn’t work and plan for it.


In Retirement Planning IQ, our goal is to remind everyone that a successful retirement includes “proper” and “careful” planning and not loaded with retirement wishes.

Popular Retirement Wishes

1. Retirement Fund

I wish I have enough fund for my retirement to sustain my desired lifestyle during retirement. Many people just wish about that but they don’t want to save money for retirement. It is ironic.

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2. Happy Retirement

There are many people who dream for a happy retirement. I include myself to those people who wish to retire happy. I hope they are doing what I am doing right now. To become happy when we retire, we need to have enough money to do what we want and to do whenever we want it.

Image Credit: Amy on CC 2.0 via Flickr

Image Credit: Amy on CC 2.0 via Flickr

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3. Retire Rich

This is one of the most common retirement wishes I always hear to many people. They want to retire rich. But again, it’s ironic that they just dream about it but don’t want to do something to make it happen. They dream of things that they never had before such as;

  • Luxury Cars
  • Mansions
  • High End Gadgets

They want to retire rich but also they want to spend all their earnings for enjoyment. After they receive their paycheck every month, they go to the mall and spend all the money they earned. It is nice to enjoy after hard work. But we should enjoy our hard earned money after so many years of working – – and that is the retirement years.

Not month after month. Not week after week. We should prefer to enjoy our hard money for long term happiness and not for short term happiness. If you want to retire rich, balance your spending habit. Spend for your daily needs and leisure or enjoyment but, do not forget to save money for retirement.

This Should Be Your Retirement Wishes

Instead of buying things you never had before (especially those things that depreciates value), you should start buying things that has something to do to your plan – – to retire rich. You must start investing. Invest your money by buying stock shares, mutual fund shares, setting up a business and buying real estate properties.

I wish to obtain my target earning asset and make this asset an income generating asset that earns money for me without my effort. I wish to retire happy, young and rich. That’s why I am saving money and investing money every month for a long period of time to make those retirement wishes do come true.

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