Money Is Not the Most Important Gift on Mother’s Day

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on May 14, 2017

We celebrate mother’s day on May 14, 2017. Happy mother’s day to all mothers! Maybe you are thinking what gifts can you give to your mom this mother’s day. Is it the material thing that makes her really happy?

In my previous article, we suggest that the best gift we can give to our mother is our TIME. But it doesn’t mean, that money is not important. It is not the most important, it has a vital role to show our care and love to our beloved mothers.


Money Arguments

One of the readers of Daily Investing Tips ask a question about money;

I don’t think money is very important just to make us happy. We can be happy even without money. How come your blog used to write about being happy and rich, I think there is contradiction between the two – to be happy and rich.

Answer: I would like to share this little piece of article today in Mother’s Day. As I have said, money has a vital role in our life. When you are in the womb of your mother, we already use money for the medicine, food, shelter, and other necessities of life.

We don’t have to argue about this. If you are one of the many people who believe that money is not important to make us happy, then be it. It’s your belief. You better think if that’s belief is supporting your happiness or not.

Spend Quality Time with Your Mother Not Just on Mother’s Day

Spend quality time with your mother not just on mother’s day because all through the years, she wanted to be with you. She cared for you, she sacrificed for you and she loved you.

Why not visit her, spend quality time with your mother so you will never regret the time and the great moment. One of the wonderful moment we have in life is when we are with our mother. When we talk, tell a story and our mother are just listening, nodding and smiling. Did you miss that moment? She do miss that moment, too.

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When Money Is Very Important?

Money is very important not just on mother’s day. Many of us wants to make our mothers happy. But how? of course we will use money to send flowers for them, to buy ingredients for her favorite cakes or to buy her favorite jewelries.

Money is very important when we want to show our care and love. How can you show your care and love if you have no money? Say for example, your mom is in New Jersey and you’re in Arizona, and she badly needs you, what can you do to visit her? Walk? Oh, or just ride plane and pay for the transportation using your “love”. See, money is very important!

Take a look at the article that discuss about money and love here to have a better idea about “money”. Again, money is not the most important thing to give to your mother this Mother’s Day – it’s your time.

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