Money is the Best Motivator in the Workplace

Posted by Grace under Business on July 26, 2015

If you agree that money is the best and biggest motivator in the workplace, then you are the right place. Employees and even business owners are highly motivated to work hard not for something else but “money”. Believe it or not, money is very important in every people’s lives.

Let me prove to you, a business heart is sales. Whenever a business makes sales, it makes money. Okay, let me clarify it. Why does companies and corporation are still in operation? Is it for money? Is is just to serve people? What’s the reward when a company provides quality service?


Of course, when a company provides high quality customer service, people will love that company. And the more customers, the more sales, the more sales, the more money the company can make.

Motivation at Workplace

Are you a business owner? Here are some ideas on how to reward your employees. First, you have to think that your employees are your best business assets. Without a great employees, your company can never meet its goal like “expansion”, “huge sales” or any “financial goals”.

But how can you have a “great” employees? Compensate your employees enough with increasing salaries and giving bonuses. Aside from that, you can also reward your employees when they become productive and loyal.

Believe it or not, employees are working for money. We are working for money. I am laughing when I am looking for some “quotations”, some quoted as “I work for money, if you want loyalty, hire a dog”.

If you will give an employee a great incentives, they will become inspired and keep on making initiative. You too, as a business owner, you will never lose your enthusiasm as an entrepreneur if you know you can make a lot of money on what you are doing now. If you can’t make even a single dime for profit, there’s no reason to keep what you are doing now.

Let’s take another example. You! You have an ambition, right? What do you think is the best ways to meet your ambition? If your ambition is to get rich, money should always comes first inside your mind. Riches can only get using money, without money, you can never buy a car, buy a house or even expand your business.


While me and my friends (business owners) are making a debate about this topic – money as a good or bad motivator. Some of my friends said;

“People should not work for money. Otherwise, they will lose half of their lives. Maybe the best reason that people can have why they are working is “it is because” it is a God’s rule”.

“I know a lot of people are just staying on the company they don’t love. Why? Because, they are satisfied financially – a good salary”.

One of my friend, said…

“Whenever I increase the salary of my employees, they became more productive. My sales are increasing because I gave my sales representatives a bonuses when they meet the sales quota”.

Join the Money Debate

Beginning today, you have to make money as your best and biggest motivator in the workplace. The more you think about money, the more chances you can become productive and work well in your task. Besides, money can buy everything. Don’t tell me it can’t!

I want you to leave your opinion below about this topic. If money is not your motivator, tell us what makes you keep on working. Please also give us an idea on how do you keep yourself highly motivated to work for someone else. (We’re talking about employees not the business owners). Thank you!

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9 comments on “Money is the Best Motivator in the Workplace

  1. tanveer arif says:

    I completely agreed that money is a biggest motivator in workplace our ehtusiasum is just because of money if there is no need of money why evry one shows there highlife status…

  2. Poorav says:

    I do agree that money is thd best motivator at a workplace

  3. kevo says:

    i totaly agree with you

  4. Ifrah ishtiaque says:

    It is awesome and ya i really do agree with you.

  5. barbie8@2 says:

    I think their are some grammatical mistakes but except that its good.

  6. Biju.M.O says:

    Good .

  7. Biju.M.O says:


  8. Biju.M.O says:

    Good but,a bit grammatical mistakes are there

  9. Aadi says:

    I too believe this. Money can make us buy the things we want to have. Making money is what that drives us. That’s why we get up every day and go for a job. Without money we may come in a situation where we can’t give our family what they need.

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