“Make Money Online” Searched Most in Nigeria and South Africa

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Make money online – the popular term used by many bloggers, and the terms used by many searches all over the world. The term Make Money Online became popular since the internet was invented. Many people are looking so many ways on how to really make money on the internet.

The blogger behind “Make Money Online by Kid Blogger” Carl Ocab is a Filipino who are really making money on the internet. Other bloggers like Darren Rowse of Problogger.net and the Indian blogger behind Shout Me Loud


As the internet grow old, many people really find a way to find a better living on it. Some of the ways to make money online are as follows;

  • Blogging (Article Writing)
  • Video Blogging in YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products Online
  • Binary Options
  • etc.

And may people in Nigeria and South Africa are finding a way to make money online. Despite of many scams reported in Nigeria like this.

Top 5 Countries Searching for Make Money Online

1. Nigeria

  1. Osun
  2. Imo
  3. Anambra
  4. Edo
  5. Rivers

B. South Africa

  1. Free State
  2. KwaSulu-Natal
  3. Eastern Cape
  4. Gauteng
  5. Western Cape

3. United States

Guide: Learn how to make money online if you’re residing in United States, blogging, affiliate marketing, selling online, forex, etc.

  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Kansas
  4. Arkansas
  5. South Carolina

4. United Kingdom

  1. Northern Ireland
  2. Wales
  3. Scotland
  4. England

5. Canada

Guide: Ways to Make Money Online in Canada

  1. New Brunswick
  2. Newfoundland and Labrador
  3. Nova Scotia
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Ontario

“Make Money Online” Searched Most in Nigeria and South Africa

While I am visiting my Facebook page, I noticed that there are many people who are asking me how to invest money online. Many of them are from South Africa and Nigeria.

They are interested in investing money and work from home jobs. No wonder why many people in South Africa and Nigeria are joining MLM online, some people there are also good in blogging, they are also invest in forex, some are trading binary options and some sell their cars online in Facebook groups.

At least internet is a useful instrument to help many people find a good living. At least they are making money. What about you? Are you also interested to make money online? To which country where you belong? Do you know someone in your country who make money online? Leave a comment below.

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