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Making a viral marketing campaign is very easy. Every businesses whether they operate online or offline want to make their marketing campaign to become popular. They are willing to spend money to advertise their products and services. Viral marketing is the best way to promote your products or services without spending too much money and time. But, the question is how to make your campaign very popular. If it became popular, do you think your audience will end in buying or purchasing what you really promote? Or do you just entertain your audience, you spend money on advertising and promotion but you didn’t make any sales? This post consist several tips and important topics such as “definition of viral marketing, know what it is all about”, “tips in making your video go viral”, “taking advantage of different social medias” and “other promotional tips to make your marketing campaign go viral and successful”.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing simply means getting huge audience in a quick way using video, images, or articles. To go viral, your subject should be interesting, unique and entertaining that can get more likes quickly, more shares on Facebook, more views on YouTube and more tweets on Twitter.


More likes, more shares, more views and more tweets means more audience. Those audiences will turn into customers.

In viral marketing, you can save a lot of money in paying for advertising and promotions. Whether you like it or not, when your marketing campaign go viral, those people who liked, shared, viewed and tweet your content will remember your brand. Yes, your brand. In online marketing, your brand might be your name, your website domain name, your blog like, your business name, your company name, your school, anything related to what you really want to promote.

Maybe you asked, how can I turn my audience into customers to generate more sales? Simple, first let them be aware to the products you are promoting. There are examples of commercials from YouTube videos. Some are hilarious and some are educational and informational. Choose which one do you think has a big impact to your audience. Is informational, educational or funny has the big impact, which do you think they will always remember when they are not online?

In my opinion, funny videos tend to go viral easily. Hilarious videos on YouTube go viral easily because most YouTube viewers want to be entertained. Choose 10 viral YouTube videos, study them and how they did it. Know what are the products and services behind the videos. In the top 10 viral videos, you may realize that most of them became viral not because it’s entertaining, but, because the YouTube channel where the video was uploaded has many subscribers.

Assignment Number 1: Create a YouTube channel and get more subscribers first. Subscribe to other channels, add more friends, follow other users, comment on viral videos and when you reached 1,000 subscribers, start making your own hilarious videos.

You won’t get more subscribers easily. It takes time. It takes patience. Another tip is when you’re working with your YouTube channel, create a team, don’t do it alone. If you have a website or blog linked your YouTube channel in your blog. So that, when your blog visitors arrived, they will more likely to visit your YouTube channel, too.

viral marketing campaign

Viral Media by Martin J Howard on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

How to Make a Viral Video?

Creating a video is easy, but making your video to go viral isn’t. That’s common sense. There are techniques you can use to make a viral video.

When you are making a video, consider the following;
Is my video shocking? (if you can make a shocking video, you’re great). Hey, shocking means not “terrifying your audience” as if you are in a Halloween. Just think about the impact of your video to your audience.
Is my video short? (not more than 3 minutes and not less than 30 seconds).

Warning: Don’t make your video sounds advertisement. Don’t do over-promotion.

What you really need in making a video? Of course a digital camera, your iPhone is fine as long as it can produce high quality video. I prefer to use digital camera with 16+ mega pixel so that when I upload my video to YouTube it will be a high definition HD video.

Lightings are also necessary especially if you are making a tutorial video. Focusing your subject in your video can only be done using proper lightings. A simple white bulb and a white background are fine.

Don’t forget the script. Write the script. You don’t have to hire a script writer. Just be creative. As usual, if you want to make a funny video, do a funny script. Script are important especially when you are making a educational video.
Note: Most of the viral videos have no script used. They just act naturally. They captured a place, an event, a thing or an animal.

How to Make Your YouTube Video Trending?

After you created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, it doesn’t mean it will automatically become trending? Do the necessary actions to get more views. Sometimes, when you have more subscribers, your subscribers will watch it and if they liked it they will share it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. But if you don’t have many subscriber in your YouTube channel, do your job. Spread the video. Let your friends know about it and the friends of your friends will also know about it. It’s just like, connecting the dots. Noone will ever know your video unless you share it. Start sharing your video in your Facebook timeline and twitter page.

Viral Marketing Tips: When you are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, have a call of action like “Visit this URL”, “watch it here”, or “visit my YouTube channel”. Be creative. Your goal is to get more viewers.

You viral marketing campaign will become successful if you take advantage on different social media. Don’t rely only on YouTube. There are many social media you can use to promote your products and services. The good news is, when you start on YouTube and you share your video URL on different social media, it will become popular.

Different social will help your video become popular, your video will spread very quickly. When your video reached the highest degree of popularity, no wonder why your video is on top of YouTube home page.

Use different social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, plurk, reddit, digg, stumbleupon,, delicious, etc.

There is no sense in sharing your video in a social video if you have few friends on it. Example, would you choose to spend time sharing your video in LinkedIn with 15 friend on it or will you share your video on Facebook with 2,500 friends?

How Does Viral Marketing Works (Infographic)

viral marketing infographics

How Does Viral Marketing Works

Viral Marketing Tips

Facebook is one of the largest and most visited website. Create a Facebook page, promote it, those who liked your FB page will surely notified when you posted your video in your FB page. Assuming your FB page has 500,000 likes. 10% of your fans reached your post (your video). That means extra 50,000 people will possibly share and like your post. If 50,000 people has 100 friends and share your post to their friends. That means, 5,000,000 people will see your post. That’s how going viral works.
The question is how to have a 500,000 FB fans? Simple, start promoting your FB page. You can search “like for like” or “like exchange”. Share your FB page in your timeline and ask your friends to like and share your FB page.

Maybe you asked? Is Facebook is my only option? You have two bets options actually. Facebook and Twitter are your best bet. Beginning today, start getting more FB fans and more followers on Twitter. Focus on these two large social media. Do not forget to use hash tags. Social media search engines crawl those post with hash tags. Hash tags determine your subject or topic. If your post is about USA Presidential Elections, write a post something like this; #usapresidentialelections or #usapresidentialcandidates together your headline and your video URL. Hash tags are applicable on Facebook and Twitter.

Your aim first is to have many people like it, your video is getting much loved, mush admired, and much criticized. If many people like your video, it will became viral and of course, when you have at least one viral video on YouTube, that’s only the beginning to make your brand popular. Make at least one viral video per month.

Viral Marketing Tips

Don’t forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. As I’ve said awhile ago, the more subscribers you have, the more chances that your next video will become viral again.

Viral Marketing Ideas

Don’t pretend. Don’t fake your audience. Few months ago, I watched some of the YouTube viral videos and I found out that one of them is just faking. It was also mentioned in the top news network in United States. Many of the viewers criticized the “acting” of the characters. However, it became viral. The YouTube account owner is happy since his one his video became sooooooo viral. Imagine your video was mentioned in US news network.

Lesson: Creating a fake video is sometimes work. But it is not recommended, because you will lose your credibility easily.

For your assignment, in order for you to succeed in any of your viral marketing campaign, create a plan and take action.

As a Summary

Viral Marketing fancy meanings is “popularity”. Make your subject (video, image) popular. Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel is a must. Don’t rely on one social media. Use different social media but focus only on social media wherein you have a lot of friends, fans, and followers. To go viral, you must be creative, funny, interesting, unique and entertaining. Start making informational video but make sure your video consist of facts and useful data.

When making a self-video, proper lightings and white backgrounds are needed. Use script when making informational and educational video. You can hire creative and talented people (comedians) as an actor or actresses when making a funny video.

There are only few things to remember. Make your video shocking, it must have a big impact to your audience. Promote your video to your friends and let your friends share your video with their friends until your video become viral. More connections means more chances to become viral.

Viral marketing is easy to implement. Do not forget to track your progress. What’s the sense of making viral videos or making your photo become viral if you didn’t make any single sales. Don’t forget my warning, viral marketing is the best way to make your brand become popular. However, don’t do over promotion. Entertain your audience first. Educate your audience first. Inform your audience first. Then, turn those audiences into customers.

Let me know other viral marketing techniques, use the comment box below. Your ideas will be highly appreciated. Share this with your friends and do not forget to subscribe to – return on investment blog for more viral marketing tips.

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