Money Making Machines You Should Start Creating

Posted by Grace under Business on January 2, 2016

Here is the lists of the best money making machines you should consider building for this year. I want to share some of these lists of machines that earns money. Do you know what it is all about? A money making machine is a thought wherein a person should earn money passively. What do I mean by “passively”? This means, you should generate money effortlessly or easily and make your money work for you especially during your retirement.

These are not a literal machines where you can press button or operate something to create money for you. Money machines are “assets” that are generating more money for you. If you want to know these kind of machines., keep reading.


My Favorite Money Making Machines

My favorite machine for making money is “investing”. I tried different types of investments. But, for me the easiest way to make profits is through stock market investing.

Why stock market investing is my favorite money making machine? First, it is so easy to invest money in stocks. Second, I love viewing my stocks portfolio online. Stock market investing can be done online, and for me, that’s a great idea.

Aside from stock market, the fastest way to make money is through “business enterprises”. A single sales can make you happy. Businesses are good money making machines. Say for example, you have a hot product for this year that can hive you $10 profit for sale, if you want to make $1,000,000 in one year, you just need to sell 100,000 products. In 365 days, you should sell 273 products per day.

List of Money Making Machines

  • Stocks and other paper assets
  • Real Estate Investing (Rentals)
  • Business Enterprises
  • Work from Home Ideas (passive income like blogging and online investing)

Money Making Machines for Beginners

Other readers of are looking for passive income, too. My suggestion for beginners is to try “easy ways to make money”. The easy ways to make money is “selling”.

Through selling, you will improve your entrepreneurial skills. And the good thing about selling is that it allows you to generate unlimited income or unlimited money. Learn how to mind your own business right away.

So, for newbies, try to think about a products or services you want to sell this year. Believe me, nothing will happen unless you sell something. Most rich people even the world’s richest man Bill Gates’ money making machines is computer software. Bill Gates money making machine is “Microsoft”.

Now, think something that can converted into a machine that generates money for you effortlessly and passively. I hope you find this post useful. Share it with your friends.

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