Most Expensive Domain Name in the World

Posted by Grace under Insurance on February 10, 2017 is the most expensive domain name in the world for its creative and branding style to be use in big insurance industry today. While I am watching TV last night, Insure.Com was mentioned. The word “insure” is very expensive. It is because the “word” was related to the insurance industry. Today, we will talk why this domain name became one of the most expensive domain names. When choosing domain names, see to it that it has the following characteristics. Your domain name speaks about your business and niche, that’s why it is very important to choose a proper domain name when creating a blog or website.

Most Expensive Domain Name in the World

In the official website, you can request an insurance quotes very quick by just entering your zip code. In the official website, it stated that the is the #1 most-cited independent consumer insurance website. The website offers variety of insurance such as life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and home insurance.

Insure.Com Value

While I am searching the value of, I found out that this domain name is worth sixteen million dollars ($16,000,000), that was 2009, I have no idea what will be the worth of this domain for this year 2015.


Other websites that defining the value of a website says that was only worth $300,000. Try to search for websites that defining the value of a domain and websites and you will amazed how cheap is Insure.Com.

Site Worth Checker – know the value of Insure.Com using the following services. Just type the domain name and start defining the value or worth of this domain.

Insure.Com Domain InfoSo, what do you think about the value of Insure.Com? Is it really $60,761. Note: The value of a domain name is very far different from domain name and website. In determining the value of a website, it includes links, Alexa rank, daily traffic and content.

I searched the domain information of, the following data are as follows; the domain name was registered on November 10,1994 and will be expire on November 2016 by Network Solutions, LLC.

When registering or buying a domain name, choose carefully the name. It is not the uniqueness that makes this domain name very expensive but, it is in the “brand” that talks its business – insurance. Now, I know how to register a domain name especially when buying a domain name related to business and finance.

According to, Google.Com is worth $29,474,299,422, Yahoo.Com is worth $18,551,630,085, Amazon.Com is $11,501,285,068

Lesson Learned: When buying domain name, make sure it has something to with branding and easy to remember.

Trivia: Other expensive domains are PrivateJet.Com, Beer.Com, Fund.Com and Business.Com. Please share as the most expensive domain name in the world to your friends, thank you for spending your time reading this page.

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