Hyundai Accent Price List Philippines 2017

Posted by Grace under Cars for Sale on September 7, 2017

Looking for Hyundai Accent price list in the Philippines? There are many Hyundai Accent car models are reacquired by the bank because the client bought in installment basis and will not able to continue the monthly amortization.

Hyundai Accent in its simplicity just like Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi Mirage, Ford Fiesta are the popular among the small cars and popular in fuel efficiency. The price of Hyundai Accent as of September 2017. Compare the price of the brand new Hyundai Accent to any of the Hyundai Accent models for sale by the bank (repossessed cars). Yes, you can save a lot of money.


But the question is, do you really save money by just buying second hand cars (used cars, repossessed cars)? Compare the prices now and decide to buy. What about the maintenance of the car? What about the engine condition?

Hyundai Accent Price List Philippines

The price of Hyundai Accent in the Philippines is ranging from P678,000.00 (six hundred seventy eight thousand) to P928,000 (nine hundred twenty eight thousand pesos).


You have to check Hyundai Accent sedan interior, engine condition, the documents before you will buy any of your preferred car if you will buy a used cars. Also when buying repossessed Hyundai accent, the agreement of the bank and the availability of the units may change from time to time.

It is wise to buy a brand new car or just buy used or second hand car? If you will buy Hyundai Accent since you know now the price list here in the Philippines, will buy used Hyundai Accent or will you buy brand new one. I want to know your opinion. Share them in the comment box below.

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