How to Sell Products and Services on Facebook Effectively?

Posted by Grace under Business on November 23, 2014

Just another Facebook tips written in Today, you will learn how to sell your products or services on Facebook account easily and effectively. Selling on Facebook is not unusual nowadays, affiliate marketers use Facebook to generate sales. If you have your own products and want to make sales, use Facebook and you have a big chances that you can makes sales everyday. Facebook has billions of users worldwide, from North America, Europe and Asia. 24 hours a day, billions of people are using the internet to search for a specific things. They search products or services online, they also search for the best answers that can solve their problems.

Selling products or services in Facebook requires investments, you can also promote your products even without advertising it directly on Facebook. Just post or upload your products on your timeline, business pages or Facebook groups.


Benefits of Sell Products and Services Online
As we all know, one of the best marketing strategy is online marketing. Consider Facebook and other social networking sites when doing an online marketing.

Things Needed
You only need email, phone number when creating a Facebook account. Some technical skills is also needed such as creating a business facebook page, joining groups, sharing website URL links etc.

Procedures: Sell Products and Services on Facebook
1. Create a Facebook account, make a perfect profile.
2. Add more friends, add few friends at a time to not getting banned from Facebook.
3. Start making a Facebook business page.
4. Let your friends like your Facebook business page, get as much likes as you can. The more facebook likes to your business page, the more you can reach other people.

5. Start promoting your products or services in Facebook using your timeline, tagging photos, and sharing pictures. Do not forget to post your products or services you are promoting in your Facebook business page.

6. Be genuine, not anonymous. People love to transact with the real people. You must build your reputation by becoming real, upload real profile pictures and write only the truth about your personality or personal information.

Facebook Tips: Sell Products and Services
Keep on updating your timeline, post your products or services on Facebook every day or every week. Keep on adding friends and invite your friends to like your Facebook business page. Respond immediately to comments, people who make comments are usually interested. Leave your phone number or website links wherein the details of your products or services are written.

Watch the scammers, I know you know about making a business online. It is risky, however, it is profitable if it’s done correctly.

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