How to Request a Bank Savings Statement of Account?

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Savings statement of account is very important especially when you are applying for a loan in other financial institutions. You can easily request a statement of account in the bank as long as your account is active. Even if you only have few dollars in your account, you have the right to request your SOA in the bank.

You only need to prepare the required documents when requesting statement of account in the bank. The bank will ensure that you are really the owner of the account. The following are the required documents;


  • ATM Card or PassBook
  • Valid ID’s (social security number, driver’s license, passport, voter’s id, etc.)

The transactions and other things you can see in your statement of account are as follows;

  • Money received
  • Money deposited
  • Money transferred
  • Money withdrawn
  • Balance

If you are using a debit card, you will see a transaction history about the things or items you purchased in a specific store, location, and date.

The Use of Bank Savings Statement of Account

You can use statement of account as a proof that you have funds or savings in the bank. This is useful when you are migrating to another country. The statement of account will also help you to apply for a business loan or car loan easily.

When you have huge amount of money in your savings, the bank itself will offer you different types of loans and even credit cards. This means, the bank is confident that you can pay a loan or you can manage having several credit cards.

request a bank savings statement of account

How to Request a Bank Savings Statement of Account?

Follow this simple step by step procedures if you want to request a SOA in your preferred bank. Take note that you can’t request a statement of account if you have can’t prove that you are the owner of the account. So, don’t forget to bring the documents with you.

Step 1. Go to bank customer service and request a statement of account. Some banks will give your printed SOA in just few minutes. Some will take some hours, or days before they release your statement of account.

Do not forget to ask if the printed statement of account has fee. If the SOA has fee, ask the bank staff how many pages are in your SOA.

Step 2. Show your documents and valid IDs. As I have mentioned awhile ago, you need to show proof of identity that you are the owner of the account you are requesting.

Step 3. Ask the staff to show your SOA in screen before printing. Ask to print only the previous months of your account’s transaction history. You can also request not just single copy of your SOA. Request two or three copies of your SOA.

Step 4. Get the copy of your bank statement of account. Before you leave the bank, check your SOA.

Step 5. Check your SOA balance and transaction history. Not just that, you also need to check if there is a signatory by the manager for validity.

Tips and Warnings

  • You have the right to make your statement of account confidential.
  • You can request a bank savings statement of account online. Just visit the official website of your bank and see if they have the options to request a online SOA. I believe and observed that many banks are offering this kind of services. But be sure, to create a online banking account if you are planning to request a statement of account online.
  • Check the balance and transaction history of your account before you leave the bank.
  • If the bank don’t want to give you a SOA, it is good to complete your documents. If it is still they insist not to give you a SOA, tell the staff your purpose why you are requesting one. But, the bank will automatically give you a SOA once you requested one.
  • Print only the important ones. In the bank, you can request to print just the previous history or transactions. You can request just the previous 3 months transaction history.
  • Check your SOA, your statement of account is not valid if there is no signature of the bank manager or any authorized bank staff.

Anything you want to know about requesting a bank savings statement of account? Want to add important steps on how to request a statement of account? Leave a comment below and do not forget to share this with your friends.

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