How to Report Stolen Credit Card

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The step by step procedures on how to report stolen credit card is our topic now. Credit card problems? Immediately do this following to protect your information and to prevent losing money. In this page we will learn how credit cards are stolen and how to avoid this. A credit card should only use when necessary.

Do not use your card if you are not sure in buying in any of the establishment accepting credit cards. How do you know if the store is accepting cards? Simple, there is a signage that says “Credit Card Accepted Here” or you the logos of Visa and MasterCard are shown in their establishment.


I hope you learn something from this post about how to report a stolen credit card. If you have questions, just leave a comment!

Report Stolen Credit Card (ATM Machine)

To avoid getting stolen, you must make be diligent and smart enough, read the following guide. Make sure there are no unusual things in the ATM, there are so many news this year about stealing credit card information.

Some bad guys will use the technology, creating a stuffs using the technology and put it in the ATM machine.  To avoid this, the best thing is not to use ATM machines that appear to have been tampered with.

Report Stolen Credit Card (Store)

Make sure you don’t disclose your card information, credit card number, name, address, and the 3 digits code at the back of your card. You only have to deal with the cashier and observe if someone is memorizing your identity such as card number and the 3 digits code.

Online Payment Safety

You only have to deal with the secured website. Do not shop online using your credit card if the website is not the official website of the online store. To know the store if legitimate or not, there is a “verification” data at the browser URL of the website or you can see if its verified or secured at the footer of the website.

Do not purchase in different online store, if you are using PayPal and want to add funds in your PayPal account, that’s much better comparing to using your credit card directly. That means you are only dealing with PayPal only. It means you can purchase online using PayPal.

Tips: Set up your PayPal account, complete the verification data. Fund your account using your credit card and finally, buy products or pay for services using your PayPal account.

Another Online Tips: Use only a Debit Card – a debit card is a “free paid”, you can’t use it if there is no funds in your card. Have your Debit Card, Union Bank and PSBank is issuing a debit card, I have my experience with these cards when I am purchasing a domain name ( and when I am purchasing eBooks online.

I am very confident to disclose my information because I know the debit card won’t be use if there is no fund available or insufficient funds.

How to Report Stolen Credit Card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, report the incident immediately to the bank. Call their customer service and follow their instructions, or if you have time, go immediately in the bank (branch) on where you have applied a credit card.


Protect your information such as credit card number and the 3 digits code, disclose your information to the cashier only. Make sure the ATM machine isn’t tampered. To safely shop online, set up a PayPal account and fund your PayPal account using your credit card.

Use debit card as much as possible when shopping online. If your credit card is lost or stolen, immediately go to the bank and report the incident.

The bank will make an investigation about your credit card and who is the person responsible in the credit especially when purchasing of products has been made.

Credit Card Tips: Use your credit card wisely, protect your credit card, it is hard to pay someone’s debt!

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