How to Prosper in Life (7 Tips)

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Want to know how to prosper in life? Everyone wants to prosper in life, they use affirmations that can be found in the book or online. For my readers of, here is your chance to know how to really prosper in life spiritually and financially. But before we continue, let me remind you, that all things written in this guide are just my own opinion and ideas, if you follow it, it’s up to you.

Let us know the meaning of “prosperity”. While I am online chatting with my friends in Facebook, I ask in one of the group in Facebook, and I just ask “define PROSPERITY”. Some people response, just Google it. And Mr. Romeo Cruz Jr. responded with his statement about prosperity;


 having enough to meet your needs and be a blessing to others… meaning if you don’t have a lot of money but you are generous and a blessing to others, that makes you prosperous… money doesn’t define prosperity…

This simply means a person is prosperous if he is rich and his riches is also a riches for others. His point of view is being prosperous at heart, in good deeds, in beautiful thoughts. Simply means he is prosperous in life’s purpose.

Prosperity Preacher
A Filipino preacher named Bo Sancez has published a book entitled “How to Prosper: Learn a Simple 5 Point System to change your life forever”. The book mentioned “investing in stocks” and let you think about financial freedom, a recommended book for everyone who wants to prosper in life. A practical and easy guide about prosperity.

Maybe the one who wrote that comment mentioned awhile ago had read the book. I hope everyone meet Bo Sanchez, he is an inspiring preacher. He teach his listeners about money positively.

I am not a preacher but I can share some good insights about prosperity and abundance today. Keep on reading and judge this article afterwards. Do not forget your comments after you have read these tips, okay? An advanced “thank you” for you as a loyal readers of

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Prosperity Meaning and Definition
In the dictionary, the meaning of prosperity is , “health”, “happiness” “success”, “economic achievements”, “having a good fortune”. therefore, we should talk today about money and happiness. One of the most important question to ask as an individual is, am I deserving to become rich and successful? How to become happy and rich?

To become rich should be one of our goal in life. We need to find a formula on how to get rich and at the same to become happy. To be discuss this later on in this article.

Synonyms and Antonyms of Prosperity
We have to talk the other meaning of prosperity (synonyms), and here they are, “good life”, “good times”, “accomplishment”, “growth”, “good fortune”. And the contradicted meaning of prosperity is “poorness” and “poverty”.

Let us know deeply the meaning using Oxford dictionary, this free dictionary online defined prosperity as “the state of being prosperous  or a long period of prosperity”.

I only want to discuss “how to prosper in life”, especially in finances, relationship and health. I don’t want to talk “poverty” because I believe in the law of attraction that states, what you see is what you get, what you think is what you get, what you say is what you get. So, don’t talk poverty if you don’t want to be in poverty.

Prosperous Definition
How do you know if a person is prosperous? Or when is a person really live in prosperity? Someone may consider a person is prosperous if he has a happy family, more quality time with his loved ones and time for worshiping God, has lot of beautiful things in life such as luxury cars, overflowing food in the dining table, fat bank account, a mansion, grand vacation, billion dollars, healthy kids and spouse, etc.

This is true, but for other people, this isn’t. Why? Because people has different principles and views about life especially the issue between the money, love and spirit.

The mindset of other people about money will be discuss here, just adapt the positive mindset to help yourself to prosper financially. Some people believe “money can’t buy happiness”, agree or disagree?

Change that statement beginning today, money can buy happiness. Actually it really does. What would your spouse use when buying her favorite food? What would you use if you want to buy a food for your loved ones? What would you use if you want to buy the new iPhone so that you can enjoy the “selfie-selfie” thing?

Of course, MONEY. In other words, you are just asking yourself, which is important? To become happy or to become rich? Can you answer, both? Just say this simple statement; “I want to become happy and rich”.

Money or Love – Change Your Thoughts
To prosper in life you should know the secret to love and money. They are both important. Asking yourself which is important, money or love, is just asking yourself which is important, your eyes or your nose? Live in balance life to prosper.

Going back to our topic, how to prosper in life, let me now give you some of my insights and personal experiences.

7 Easy Ways to Prosper in Everything
1. Believe you can prosper.
If you believe you can be a prosperous person in this earth, you can. Just believe that thoughts. Make a positive affirmation or even a declaration that states your right to succeed. Just say this every morning. I am rich, I can do anything. It all starts with mindset, think like a millionaire, think you are rich. It is free to think, do not waste your time in thinking the negative thoughts such as “lack of money”, sickness, marital conflicts, etc. Think about health, prosperity, success, happiness, great relationship, luxuries, etc.

2. Be a righteous man.
Be a righteous man in all you do and in every aspects of your life. Example of being a righteous man is to become a honest in business, live with integrity, love your spouse and kids and do whatever it takes to provide their needs. There are “do’s and don’ts” that can be found in God’s commandments, just follow them and you’ll prosper, if you know the story of Job, you will be inspired.

Job was in difficulties, health problems, financial problems, I know you know what happened to Job’s children. The worst thing is, her wife had forsaken Job, by asking Job “where is your God?” Job answered, you are only willing to accept beautiful things from God, but you forget Him when He brings you in trouble. That means, Job remains his trust to God inspite of difficulties and problems.

After few years, Job prospered by God.

3. Be a Hardworking individual.
Live like an “ant”. They work hard to prepare for winter. I know that statement is very familiar to you, it came from the bible, right? The bible lesson on how to prosper by just observing the ants…

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and be wise!
7 It has no commander,
no overseer or ruler,
8 yet it stores its provisions in summer
and gathers its food at harvest

4. Be smart enough to grow your hard earned money.
Smart enough on how to do your hard earned money, in order for you get rich and prosper, you must be a good stewards of money. Invest your money and let them grow. Avoid too much spending on “wants” items.
As a guide, let me teach you how to grow your money today, just read the different types of investments.

5. Give what you have
Who gave you strength, courage and knowledge? God. Show to God that you deserve to become prosperous by offering Him by means of tithing. You can give as much as you want. It is true that, if you want to have more, give more.

Some tips to give what you get are as follows;

  • Make a tithing inside your church congregation
  • Be a donor (might be money, books, foods, toys, clothing)
  • Teach what you know in any areas in our country (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)
  • Fund “environmental protection campaign”.

Do not just give love and money on Christmas day, you must show you are a generous person. Give love and money everyday.

However, you must also believe, that, in order to have more, be willing to receive more, how? By waiting God’s promises  for His righteous servants.

6. Do not forget God’s promise
In my own experience, God is prospering my family everyday. I am waiting His promises, trust His promises. Like what He did to Abaraham, he promised Abraham a children inspite of his age and his spouse is infertile. Now, Abraham became prosperous (his children is as numerous as the stars in the sky). Inspired? Because he trust the Lord and wait for the promises.

7. Be Grateful
Stop complaining, in order for you to prosper, do not complain.Be grateful. Everyday tell your spouse how grateful you are because he/she is always with you in sickness and in health. Tell your son or daughter that you are grateful because you have an inspiration, a cute and wonderful kids.

Give thanks to your parents and don’t blame them why you aren’t rich. Instead, thank them for everything. Give thanks to your teachers, to your coach, to your friends for having a great time with you espcially when you have a lot of stress.

There are lot of things to be grateful for. Start your day and end your day by being grateful to everyone especially to our Almighty God.

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By being grateful, you are following the law of attraction, you are grateful because you know the beautiful things in your life such as career, health, happiness, love, relationship, money, and many more. It means no time to complain because you only saw the beauty in everything.

In summary, follow these tips to prosper in life.

  • Believe in yourself you can prosper – you better have a millionaire’s mindset. Change your bad thought about money and riches.
  • Be a righteous man and follow the golden rule in business and in work – INTEGRITY.
  • Learn from the ants, work industriously without any supervision.
  • Invest your hard earned money to make it grow.
  • Give what you have but be willing to receive.
  • Wait for God’s promises
  • Be grateful in everything.

Final Thoughts:
I will share some prosperity quotes for you to remember. Aristotle once said “Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.”. From the pocket companion bible New King James version states some prosperity reminders for everyone, “Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.”

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