How to Multiply My Money by Saving and Investing?

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Often times I am asking myself on how to multiply my money. I found an answer. Wanna know? Do you want to know how do I multiply my money? Do you want to know how to make your money grow? Wealth accumulation is one of the most hottest topic in personal finance. People are looking for the effective and best way to invest their money. Today, let us find out the best places to invest money and make it grow. If you want to quickly multiply your wealth, don’t just save, instead, invest it. The question is, where should you invest your money? You can invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, business and real estate. Other people don’t know the secret on how to multiply their wealth. They just know how to make it, but, to make them grow, they have only little knowledge in investing.

It is a good idea to make your money grow. Whatever amount of income you get, you should know how to use this income and become rich. In investing, you are allowing your money to accumulate everyday. If you want to increase not just your money but your net worth, try investing!


  • Invest like rich people!
  • Start today. Do not procrastinate.
  • Be wise in managing your finances. Buy more assets.
  • Have self discipline and be persistent.
  • Focus on your net worth.

Multiply Your Money Fast with Compound Interest

Imagine if you will keep on reinvesting your profits, your money will grow fast. Assuming you have $100,000 today that earns 8% per year. In your first year, your money will earn $8,000. Right? What if you will add your profits in your capital?

First Year: $100,000 Capital will Earn $8,000

Second Year: $108,000 Capital will Earn $8, 640

Third Year: $1o8,640 Capital will Earn $8,691

If you will keep on reinvesting your $100,000 that earns 8% per year within 20 years, you will have $466,096. That’s how compound interest works. And if you want to multiply your money, you make your money to make another money.

1. Do What Rich People Do

Do what rich people do with their finances. They manage their finances, they want to make sure that even a single cent has not been wasted. They invest their money. They love assets and hate liabilities. The lesson we can learn from them is that they are buying more assets not liabilities. Assets are those that can help you generate money while liabilities are those that pull out money from you.

2. Start Multiplying Your Money Today

If you want to multiply your money fast, start today. If you will start in investing your money early, your money will grow overtime. They will accumulate faster. Do not invest during your retirement, instead, invest your money while preparing for your retirement. Good thing, retirement planning will start on the day you received your first paycheck.

How to Multiply My Money by Saving and Investing

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3. It Takes Time to Accumulate Wealth

It takes time to see the results. In investing money, you need to have a self-discipline in handling your finances. You can have a self-discipline in managing your finances if you have a goal. For example, would you rather spend your money on the things that can only give you short happiness? Or will you sacrifice temporarily in order for you to receive permanent financial success? I hope you get the message clearly. Think twice before you spend your money!

As an inspiration, you need to focus on your goal. And one of your goals is to increase your net worth. Focus on your net worth, it is the basis on how wealthy you are.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not try gambling, there is a big difference between gambling and investing.
  • Do not get lure to any get rich quick scheme program.
  • Do not procrastinate in investing your money.
  • Consider hiring a certified financial planner to help and guide you to your finances.

Summing Up

If you want to multiply your wealth fast, you must learn how to invest your income. Have some time to read investing books, attend investing seminar and do  not forget to do what rich people are doing; they are buying more assets not liabilities.

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