How to Make Money on YouTube (5 Steps)

Posted by Grace under Money on August 31, 2015

Want to know how to make money on YouTube? How many people are making extra money from uploading YouTube videos? So many! That’s why you are curious and want to know how to exactly earn cash on the internet and your choice is to YouTube. These guide may not be the best guide on how to earn money on YouTube, there are available tutorials online wherein it can teach and guide you in making money online. This article is not for people who are looking for getting rich quick. This guide isn’t for people who are looking for some ways on how to become an instant millionaire.

I believe, through YouTube videos, you can earn money from home. Some internet marketers especially from North America (Canada and USA) are making huge money out of posting videos on YouTube. But, not all of them are making more money. I will tell some secrets I observe from other YouTubers who are making green bucks everyday.


Things Needed

You need to create a Google mail account. When you create a YouTube account, you need a GMail, because YouTube and GMail are products of Google. They are connected. You also need a video camera, an iPhone or Android phone will work as long as your camera has high mega pixel. But, if you want to create quality and high definition videos, you can invest money for digital video cameras.

Also, you need some things like lights, microphones, etc to create high quality video. You don’t need a video editor as long as you shoot a great video, it’s fine. You need an internet connection, a laptop or a desktop!

So, are you ready to make extra cash out of your uploaded videos on YouTube? Here’s the guide, it’s not exactly the guide but at least the things to consider and prepare are here if you want to make money on YouTube.

how to make money on youtube

Inspired by Kim Jong-un’s wacky new trapezoidal haircut,
I decided to make another dumb video. Image Credit: Lain Health on cc 2.0 – UNception

How to Make Money on YouTube Videos for Free?

It’s free to make money on YouTube videos. You don’t need to pay anything, just do the following step by step procedures;

Step 1. Create a Gmail  and YouTube Account.

It only takes a minutes to create a Gmail account and associate it with YouTube.

Step 2. Make friends. Get more followers, friends, and subscribers.

It is necessary to get more YouTube subscribers, tell your friends, neighbors or other YouTube members to watch your videos and do not forget to tell them to subscribe in your channel.

Step 3. Create a Video.

Use your digital cameras and shoot a video. It maybe yourself, other people, your babies or other family members. You can also use a “screenshot” recorder if you want, but it’s not advisable because it can only provide low quality videos.

Other people who are making money on YouTube are making instructional videos using desktop screenshot recorder. There are so many software out there to record the screen of your computer. One good example is the Cam Studio screenshot recording software. You can download it online, for free.

You can record the things that aren’t available on the web, instructional things like how to install a WordPress blog, how to buy a domain name using debit card or credit card, how to block Facebook account, etc. Wile recording your screen, you should also record your voice, some screenshot recording software can combine the two.

Step 4. Upload “high quality videos”.

Your YouTube videos should be unique, it should be clear, and most of all it includes the following characteristics;

  • Educational
  • Informational
  • Entertaining (funny videos, hilarious jokes, etc.)

Step 5. Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos.

Get more YouTube video views by promoting your YouTube videos, tell your friends to watch your YouTube videos. That’s why I told you to get more followers, friends and subscribers after you create your YouTube account.

How to Make Money on YouTube

When your YouTube channel became popular, you can make money on YouTube through the following ways;

  • Be affiliated with Google, just linked your YouTube account with one of the Google’s money making program – the Google AdSense program.
  • Sell something using YouTube videos. If you have no products, be an affiliate marketer. Assuming you upload a videos about losing weight, you can sell weight loss pills online using those videos by sharing your affiliate links in the YouTube video description.
  • Many people are making good fortune in YouTube, others became instant celebrity because their videos are getting viral. Other people get some endorsement from big business and corporations who is willing to spend money just to promote their products and services.

How Do You Get Paid?

You can get paid via check, western union or any other forms of payment method depending on the company you are affiliated with. If you are selling your own products, you can choose freely the way you want to get paid.

I am blogging for two years, I have never tried making money on YouTube, I upload a YouTube video last month, but, only few people viewed my videos. The trick is simple, get more followers, upload entertaining videos, funny videos, informational and educational videos and make it viral. Your YouTube videos will only become viral if you know the tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Create a video now, upload it and follow the steps given in this page on how to make money on YouTube starting today.

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