How to Make Money from Home Legitimately? (4 Ways)

Posted by Grace under Business on December 9, 2015

Here’s the guide on how to make money from home legitimately. If you are planning to earn extra income at home using the internet, here’s your chance to make money online fast. This guide is easy to follow. Anyone can make money at home using the internet.

Maybe you asked, can you make money at home? Where is your proof of payments? Where is the evidence that you are making money from home legally (a legitimate way)?


If you are following, I already published some proof of payments. Last few months I received my proof of earnings online while working part time.

There are many work at home jobs that really pay you real cash. I have found effective ways. I reveal them later. Finding ways to make money is hard. That’s why I will share to you what I am doing in how I I make money from home legitimately. This year 2015, I earned some cash. I invest my earnings in the stock market. Thanks God because I found this legitimate way to make money from home.

Maybe you asked, is your guide free? Of course this is free. Want to know how to make money from home without spending any dime? If yes, read further to get the right information. Even kids can make money as long as they know how to use the internet for their advantage. Sad to say, many people are spending too much time on social media wasting time posting their photos and chatting to other people. For me it is a waste of time because, my philosophy is this, if you are spending your time, spend it to make money.

How to Make Money from Home Legitimately?

Here is the step by step guide on how to earn money from home in a legal way using the internet. Don’t believe when I say I make $10,000 overnight. Making money from home is like starting a business offline. It takes time to see results.

  • Make Money on YouTube – monetize your YouTube videos. The secret here is to get a lot of views for your YouTube videos. Maybe you asked, how can I get more views on my YouTube videos? You can easily get more views in your youtube videos if you have many subscribers. You can make your video go viral by posting your youtube links in other social media.
  • ClickBank Affiliate Programs – you can make on money clickbank. Sign up to ClickBank affiliate programs. You will make money by selling ClickBank products. You will earn commissions when you sell products. There are many people who are making money selling affiliate products without a website. Just sign up, choose products to promote and use your affiliate links when promoting the products.

Other Ways to Make Money from Home Legitimately

If you are  not familiar with affiliate marketing programs and you have no clue on how to really make money off youtube videos, here are some of the popular ways to make money from home legitimately.

how to make money from home legitimately

Image Credit: Peter Kemmer on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

  • Get Paid for Surveys Online – there are many quick and instant paid surveys online that can help you make money from home. Just choose a paid survey company and then wait the survey via email. Some paid survey companies will pay you via PayPal. Getting paid for taking surveys is one of the best way to make money from home legitimately.
  • Take Freelance Jobs from Home – there are many jobs offered online for freelancers. From article writing, encoding, designing, programming, freelance advertising jobs, data entry jobs etc. Get paid according to the work or project you did.

Most companies can allow you to withdraw or get your online earnings via PayPal or money transfer using your bank account. Some will pay you via check. Those are some of the ways to make money from home legitimately. In my next article, I will create a giant lists of companies that can help you make money from home legitimately.

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