How to Get Money for College?

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Want to know how to get money for college? What to do if you don’t have money for college to pay your tuition fees? What to do if you don’t have enough money for college to finish your college course? What to do if you aren’t granted student loans? Is it the end of the world? Will you become desperate? Let this simple and short article give you an idea on what to do and what not to if you don’t have money for college.

Many students are dreaming to finish with a bachelor course degree. Also, many students are dreaming to have a masteral degree. Because they believe that education is the best investment they can give to their selves. Are you worried today because you aren’t sure whether you will enter college or not? Here are some ways to find money to use for your college course/s.


Ways to Get Money for College

1. Find Scholarships Program – Finding scholarship program should start the day before you graduate senior high school. You should ask yourself about the course you want to take in college. Tell your parents about your plan.

  • Ask your parents if they can support your college education to your preferred course.
  • Ask your relatives if they are willing to support you.
  • Find scholarship program in your area.
  • Find scholarship program in the university or college you want to attend.
  • Do not stop applying for scholarship program

Tips & Warnings: Be careful not sound as if you’re begging for money. Prove to them that you deserve scholarship. Be confident and be sure to the course you want to take. If you want to take medicine courses, tell them you want to be a physician someday.

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2. Visit Student Aid Commission – You can search online the student aid commission in any State. While I am searching for “money for college”, I became interested to California Student Aid Commission. If you’re from California and looking for money for college, visit:

Tips & Warning: Go to and type “student aid commission + your state” Example, “student aid commission Illinois”. Beware of illegitimate student aid commission online. Beware of scams and frauds.

3. Apply for Student Loan – You can apply for a student loan. However, be careful not to use the loan in other things. When you’re granted for a loan, focused on your study.

Tips & Warnings: You can apply for a student loan in the banks or other financial institution. Compare the interest rates they are offering and choose the lowest.

4. Earn Money for College – During vacation, you can work and earn money. Analyze what type of job you want to do. Analyze and know how can you make money out of your skills. Here are some ways to earn money;

  • Earn money by selling other people products. You have to find affiliate programs online or just find products that you want to sell to other people.
  • Earn money by working for someone else. Who cares if you are a pizza delivery boy or a waiter/waitress? You want to enter college, you want to become what want you to become. Some people or your friends might laugh at you. Don’t mind them, you are preparing your future. Someday you will reap the rewards.
  • Become a virtual assistant/freelancer.. You just need an internet connection (wi-fi is fine). Go to and apply for a part time job. You will get paid according to the service you did to oDesk clients.

If unfortunately, you can’t enter college. Don’t you worry. Still, it’s not the end of the world. Actually it’s just the beginning. Read some tips if you can’t enter college because of financial problems.

I agree that education is the best investment. But, let me ask you a question. What would a student do after graduated in college? Searching for job and make money.

Yes, you read it right. Search for a job and earn money. What if you stopped studying in college because nobody wants to help you get money for college? What if you decide to work for someone else, you save money and then you stop working for someone else and start your own business while you’re still young?

Do you know the advantage of it? Simple, if you will become a successful entrepreneur. You will provide a job and those who graduated college that looking for a job will ask you if you have a job offered for them. How does it sounds to you? Let me know your reactions, use the comment box!

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