How to Get the Job You Want with No Experience?

Posted by Grace under Careers on July 31, 2013

Here are the tips on how to get the job you want, how to find a job, searching a great job to have a great career.This time I will going to talk about how to really get the job you want, your dream job. In my previous article i wrote something about job interview preparation, assuming you are applying for the best company that will give you your dream job. First and foremost, jobs well done are great jobs.

For those of you who are looking for the best job on earth, there is no better job than the best and high paying jobs, that should be your goal, the high paying job.


There are companies that are looking for a person who is a sales driven, a passionate sales person, the more sales the more profits the company can really make. But beware of the companies that are very greedy, some of these companies are only think of profits and not rewarding the hard working sales person. Look for companies if you want to get a sales job that are offering high salary, high commissions and high incentives and bonuses.

How to Get the Job You Want with No Experience?

  • Attend jobs fair and apply for the job you want. In most cases, the companies who participated in jobs fair are accepting newly graduates or those job applicants with no experiences.
  • Don’t apply for the job you don’t want. Keep on searching and finding jobs. Apply only for the available job vacancies that interest you.
  • When you found a job that’s right for you, be the best among the rest of the applicants. Do your best to get it.

Job Search Tips: High Rewarding Jobs

If you are familiar with computer you can do clerical jobs, office staffs, and if you love money, apply for bank clerk. If you really love to work with other people, then apply for a job in the company that are holding lots of employees.

You should have a job that are related with your passions, if your passion is automotive, then be a car sales agent, if house, then be a real estate agents, if you love kids, then be a teacher. If you love outer space, then be an astronaut. (just kidding)

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Search the Job You Want and Get It

You have to decide which path you want to take, an ordinary employee, a business manager someday, a CEO, a President of the company or the owner of the company. When we speak of job, people are too choosy when looking for a job. Do you know that even a janitor can be a “big boss” someday?

Example, if you want to work in a company that you really love and admire, and there’s no position for your desired position (example; sales manager) and the only available is only sales representative, then apply for that position. Once you get hired, do your best, excel in that field as a sales representative, the company will notice your hard work and that’s the time you will get promoted from sales representative to sales manager.

Recommendations for Job Finders

Who knows you will become an astronaut someday. My suggestion is if you want to get the job you want, you must apply for a position that is related for the job you really like, example, do not apply for a work that relates in electricity if you love automotive, don’t work for cellphone company if you love to work with flowers and you are passionate with flowers.

In Summary:

Look for high rewarding jobs or sales job that offers incentives.
Apply for low position and aim for promotion.
Apply for a job that suits your interest and skills.
If you can’t find the job you really want, then start you own business and make sure you love what you are doing, start your own business and work hard with it, I am sure you will love it, because other companies can’t give you the best job you like, why not create it.

Go and get it by starting your own business. Read how to get a job easily if you are want more guide. I hope you liked this guide on how how to get the job you want even you have no working experience.

In my next article should be; a job that can make you grow financially. A short guide on how to know if your job can help you to financial success. Leave a comment and leave a job opportunities in the comment box. Share this page with your friends.

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