How to Get a Raise? (5 Steps)

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Asking for a raise is one of your rights as an employee. If you want to get a raise fast especially if you are receiving only a minimum wages, follow the instructions written in this article. As an employee, you are wishing to receive a reasonable amount of salary. If you’re employer don’t give you what you deserve, it’s better to quit your job and find another employer. But have the time to analyze yourself why you aren’t granted for a raise. This page is exclusively published at Investment Total – a “not” just personal finance blog talks about stock market and mutual funds but also a career planning blog.

Here’s what you should analyze. Are you productive enough to consider yourself as an “asset” of your employer? Ask yourself, how do you perform your task and obligations?  A mediocrity, excellent or poor performing. What kind of employee are you? Are you after for the financial reward wherein you work because your prime motivation is money? Do you always say YES for overtime or after lunch break you are watching the time and hoping it’s already 5pm and time to go home.


Employers will only grant a salary increase to its employees if…

An employee is productive.
The company makes huge sales consistently.
If there is a big profits made from year to year.
There is a declaration about wages from local labor and employment.

How to Get a Raise at Work?

Follow these tips and you will see a result, however, don’t expect salary increase after few days, wait for few months, say for 6 months and above. It’s up to you if you will do these tips or not. But based on my experiences, this is proven.

1. Be Punctual at Work.

Do not come late. Come as early as you can. If your work schedule is 9 am, then arrive as early as 8:30 am. When you’re at workplace even you’re too early, start doing your task. Do not mind other employees. Just do it. Be aware of your responsibility because you apply for a 9 to 5 job, right?

2. Be Loyal in Your Company.

When I say be loyal. Make your work as your priority next to God and family. If someone invited you to an occasion.  Stop, think, remember you need a raise. Your boss will look for your complete attendance. If that occasion can help you increase your salary, then, go.

3. Work Hard and Work Smart.

Working hard is very important if you are asking for a raise from your employees. But, your bosses will analyze your performance and personality. Are a hard working man, independent or you love team work? Yes, you don’t need to work hard by yourself, work hard with the team. If the whole team loves you because they know you are useful and worthy. Your bosses will heard rumors about your work “ethics”. To improve your work ethics, try to think that the company you are working with is your own company. Of course you don’t want to make a mess in your own company. Be productive, offer high quality products and services make sales.

4. Make Impressions.

As I have said, not just your performance but your personality as well. Be confident but not over confident. Make your co-workers happy, try to be a “funny”, “friendly”, “caring” and sometimes generous. Let your boss think you know everything, but the fact is you don’t know everything. How’s that? Increase your confidence, learn everything from easy task to difficult task. It is important that you are a multi-tasker. Who knows, since you know everything, you might get promoted from ordinary employee you became one of the top executive. That’s not impossible, because you know everything.

5. Know Your Worth.

If you don’t know your worth, you don’t even care if your salary was increased or not. If you didn’t received what you’re worth, tell your boss about it. He will think about it. But make sure you have the “exclusive rights”. How’s that? You can only ask for a raise exclusively if you are working hard, smart and extra ordinary employees that makes extra ordinary task such as making a volume of sales and productively making a high quality products.

Tips and Warnings when Asking for a Raise

Do you know that employers love to work with the employees who are not concerned with salary raise? Yup, that’s true. Then, don’t be obvious that you are working hard because you only need a raise. Beginning today, stop asking for a raise, instead start learning how to keep some portion of your salary every month. Keep reading to know the reasons why.

Do not quit your job even when you’re not getting what you’re worth. Start saving money even you’re receiving small amount of money every month. After a year or two, start your own business, be an entrepreneur. When you’re an entrepreneur, you will earn unlimited income. How great was that? Good to hear, isn’t it? Then take risk, don’t stuck on being an employee.

When you’re an entrepreneur, try to reinvest your profits to expand your business. Just be wise in managing your hard earned profits. And then when your business is stable, learn how to invest for your future. There is the stock market, mutual funds and real estate. Learn how to start investing in stocks, believe me it’s so easy. If you find this article useful, don’t think twice to share it to your friends.

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