How to Enjoy Summer Vacation

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We want to enjoy summer vacation in anyways and in any means. Summer vacation is one of the most awaited season every year. After long period of work, we must deserve a good summer break and enjoy it. But, there are many questions we must answer to make the summer a lot of fun and make it enjoyable. A happy summer. How can anyone have a happy and enjoyable summer?

In this post, we will talk about enjoyment and different ideas on how to have a lot of fun and excitements. After this post, we should talk about making yourself productive during summer vacation. So, this post is for students who encounter stressed for school works, for employees who are working hard and for business men who deserves a break and forget the “money” and “business” stuff out there.


Fun Things to Do on Summer Break

Here are the fun things to during summer vacation, choose to do one of these ideas and have fun;

  • Invite your friends and have night camping in the forest.
  • Have fun at Disney Land or any other amusement places.
  • Create a film for this summer with your friends, it’s fun. Make it hilarious.
  • Climb mountain in 3 days.
  • Shop but avoid overspending.
  • Food trip but choose healthy food wisely.
  • Watch concert tour.
  • Take extreme ride with your friends.
  • Have a night party at home with your friends.
  • Summer surfing (not online) but in the sea.
  • Create a masterpiece on canvass using oil paint.
  • Buy a drawing pad, visit your favorite place and sketch the scenery.
  • Have a summer class.

Having a summer class can help you enjoy summer vacation. There are many people young or adult who are taking summer lessons like; voice lessons, guitar lessons piano lessons, taekwondo lessons, drawing lessons and swimming lessons.

Some people especially those aspiring celebrities are taking acting workshop. And for me, a teen can enjoy summer vacation if he will take acting workshop. That would be a lot of fun.

enjoy summer vacation in beach

Image Credit: Analia Gonzalez on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr ( See how this lady enjoy her life in the beach).

What to Do During Vacation

I ask myself, it’s already summer. How I enjoy my summer vacation because I feel and thing I deserve to have a break. A relaxing and stress relieving activities in this summer. Here are the ideas on what to do during vacation.

  • Stay at home for a week and sleep.
  • Watch your favorite movie or have a movie marathon.
  • Cook and eat your favorite food.
  • Relax, just do nothing!

After a week of resting, all you need to do is to create a plan. It might be a travel plan. A trip to abroad or local places. Get your pen and start planning for summer vacation. In the plan, you must indicate;

  • First your budget. Your allocated budget for your summer vacation. This budget will use for ticket plane or cruise ticket. The money you should spend for food, allowances, gas for your car if you drive on the country road with you, family and your friends. And the money use for accommodations.
  • Next, you need to think the best places to enjoy summer vacations. Many people are spending a week in Boracay Philippines. Other people spend their summer vacation in Hawaii.
  • Also, plan when do you want to go to a specific place and when will you go back home. A week, 3 days only or a month.

How to Enjoy Summer Vacation

Now you know the fun things to do on summer break, and the ideas on what to do over summer vacation. Now, let us find out how to really enjoy your summer vacation. This is an effective guide. So, do it.

You must feel free. Enjoy your freedom. Besides, you can do whatever you want to do in life. Not only the summer vacation you can enjoy but all the rest of your life will have lot of fun and excitement.

Don’t ask your friends. Do something. Prepare something for them. They will be happy to entertain your ideas. Believe me, they will just agree and go with you. Say for example, you want to have a night camping. Pack your things and bring all the necessary stuffs for this activity. Now, go with your friends with a lot of stuffs in your shoulder. They will never think twice to go with you.

If your friends or family members invited you to go with them for a summer vacation. Ooh wow! That’s cool. You must feel good and feel excited. If you want to enjoy summer vacation, you must avoid being a “KJ” also known as “kill joy”.

Just be ready, entertain, be amused, be excited and most of all you must have your initiative to do a enjoyable activities for this summer vacation.

In my next article, I will teach you how to make your summer productive so that you will not just enjoy your summer vacation, you can earn extra money as well. Stay tuned to for more travel tips and productivity tips. Have a great summer experience!

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