How Do You Define Wealth Aside From Material Possessions

Posted by Grace under Money on August 21, 2015

Hi readers! How do you define wealth aside from material possessions? How do you know if the person is really wealthy? In your own idea what is the meaning of wealth or riches. In this world, people need wealth. But unfortunately, not all people are wealthy. Many people when you ask them what is wealth all about, they will just think “health is wealth” and they might respond “I am wealthy as long as I have friends, or I can consider myself as a wealthy person as long as I am healthy”.Some people explain wealth as;

  • Healthy
  • Happy Family
  • In True Religion
  • Friendship
  • Human Relations
  • Money

I prefer to have “health and money” first before the other things. Health and money is my priority. Let me explain it to you why.


First, I want health so that I may be able to do whatever I want such as working and generate income (to make money).

Second, when I have enough money (enough for me is more, exceeding to what I expected such as million dollars) I can give what my family needs. And of course when I gave the things my family needs, my family will become happy.

Third, a religion will only be true if you show who you are. Don’t say you are in a true religion but the one who drive your life is not God, but your money.

Fourth, how can I prove my love and care to my friends when I have no money to use? And I will be able to get more respect from other people when I am rich. That’s reality, if you have a lot of money, you can gain a lot of respect. (That statement is with exemption, except if you are a millionaire but don’t know how to respect others).

How Do You Define Wealth Aside From Material Possessions

For me wealth is everything. A money possessed by a person. And a properties that can be bought using money such as cars, house and lot, real estate properties, jewelries, stock shares, cash reserve, etc.

Now, it’s your time to define wealth in your own words and ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Stay tuned to – your best personal finance blog, ever!

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