Household Budget Worksheet: 5 Free Budget Spreadsheets & Templates

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on February 19, 2015

Get the free household budget worksheet and household budget spreadsheet or template today instantly. These spreadsheets can be used to keep track of a personal or family budget.


Are looking for a FREE version, a ready-made template. A household budget worksheet that can help you track your total income, family’s monthly expenses, discretionary income, investment spending, and other necessary expenses such as auto insurance, water and electricity. You can also track your family’s expenses for food and groceries, clothing and telephone bills.


Other important things you can track when using these household budget worksheet are home or renter insurance, health care and dental care, life insurance cost, students loans, home repairs and expenses for home supplies.

For your discretionary expenses, you can track your expenses in credit card bills, auto loans, cable or satellite TV, car gasoline, mobile phone, home improvement and security. Other discretionary expenses you can track are your expenses in dining out, entertainments, internet access, computer costs and gymn memebrship.

And for your investment spending, you can track your monthly expenses for 401k and 403b deposits, employee stock plans, individual retirement account and brokerage deposits. The worksheet are available at Google docs personal finance templates.

Household Budget Worksheet

1. Household Budget Worksheet | Chris Snelling
Description: Household budget spreadsheet that can be used to keep track of a personal or family budget. Simply fill in the yellow cells and add or modify expenses to meet your needs. Provided by

Sample household budget worksheet you can use monthly.

Worksheet Preview

2. Household Monthly Budget Spreadsheet |
Description: Monthly Household Budget Spreadsheet with specific categories, such as child care, business expenses, vacation, etc. Monthly budget that allows to compare budget to the actual expenses.

Household Budget Spreadsheet for Free

Spreadsheet Preview

3. Household Budget Template | Magdolna G. Zitting
Description: Detailed Family Household Budget to track spendings, change spending categories according to your expenses. See where your money goes in the grocery story, department stores.

Template Preview

4. Monthly Household Budget |
Description: A monthly budget worksheet for comparing projected and actual expenses. Detailed list of income and expense categories for family and household use.

Preview Worksheet

5. Family and Household Budget | Roberto Gonzalez, Jr.
Description: An in-depth and itemized budget broken down per pay period for a two paycheck month. A new spreadsheet is used for every month and will track all monthly expenses, miscellaneous debits, gas usage, mileage, food expenses. It pretty much does everything on its own as you input the info. Just follow all of the tips and explanations and please read the comments attached to the cells.

Preview Template

I hope you like this collections of household budget worksheet. These offer for free at Google docs. To use these spreadsheet/templates, just go to the preview page and press “Use this Template”. Most files are created at Google Docs Spreadsheet. If you find this page useful, kindly share to your friends or other family members.

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