What High School Taught Me Funny (Not Money)

Posted by Grace under Money on December 18, 2014

High school taught me funny different things, unfortunately, not about money! I wish during my high school days, I already learned financial education. So sad to say, I get stucked on the things that don’t really matter. Maybe because I was just a teenager then, no ambition, no dreams and never thought money is very important. During my school days, I attend class (sometimes I cut classes), studying my lessons, doing my home work (sometimes ignore it), waiting for my crush, never become a teacher’s pet.

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I have no favorite subject. I am not interested in computer subjects, in arithmetic, languages, social studies. That’s why until now I am not fluent in English (I can’t make a perfect grammar). I can’t even compute a 4 digit multiplication manually. Nor, didn’t I even know who is the 5th President of the United States of America and don’t bother studying the important historical events in the country or in the world.

What High School Taught Me Funny (Not Money)

1. To become not to be the smartest but to be the most friendliest. (human relations)
2. To be the cutest even though I am not cute (building self confidence).
3. To let my crush have a crush on me (and to be loved).
4. To show respect to the flag (patriotism).
5. To give respect and be respected.
6. To cut class because the subject is boring (to explore new things)
7. To become independent and responsible.
8.To do what I want. (when I am writing this, my husband reacted, he said “I joined non sense brotherhood fraternity, became an alcoholic, dating 2 girls at the same time”. I laughed. At least he is mine now!

As you have noticed, my high school days taught me values. Why I wish high school taught me about money? My mind was programmed liked this;

Go to school,  be a professional, have a career, get a job. It simply means the teachings just took me in the wrong place. To get education, get a job. When I grow old, I review the things I want in life. I found out working for someone else is not what I want. That’s not what I want. I want to achieve financial freedom, I want a lot fo money to work for me and enjoy the things I love and enjoy the best life I truly deserve.

I want an education! A high quality education to simply teach me how to become truly rich in spirit and in money. I want to get education program that teaches young minds to become an entrepreneur and an investors. So that, someday these young people will provide jobs (not to look for jobs), to become rich (not to become poor) through investing money.

What High School Taught Me Funny (Not Money)

For me, financial literacy must be taught first at home and in the school. That’s what I wish, I wish during my school days, the school taught me to invest and my money work hard for me. Not me working hard for money. Thank you for all the authors of personal finance and business books, because of you I equip myself financial knowledge and now start investing for my future even though I am weak at arithmetic.

Thank you to the opportunity although I am not fluent in English grammar, I created InvestmentTotal.com and I can write now and sharing financial literacy. These are all God’s blessings. Investing in the stock market didn’t teach in school but now I am a stockholder. I don’t even know what is meant by a mutual funds, and now I am a shareholder growing my money with mutual funds.I am not bragging about it. I am just so grateful I found the things I really want in life.

What about you? What does high school taught you? Leave a comment below. Share this page with your friends.

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