Henry Sy Amazing Net Worth: $13.7 Billion at Age 92

Posted by Grace under Latest News on March 11, 2017

You do know Henry Sy, right? The man behind SM Super Malls!Woah, having a 13.7 billion dollars net worth is amazing for many Filipinos. What a great achievements from a 92-year old guy. Henry Sy is a self-made billionaire reside in the Philippines. His source of wealth is from his company SM Investment Corporation. We all know that the basis of wealth is the “net worth”. He took risks! Through investing money and being an entrepreneur, he got rich.

Imagine if you are a billionaire and you’re 92 year old now? You may say, I can’t use my wealth anymore because I can’t even enjoy my life travelling or eating my favorite food because I am too old. Yes, but have you ever imagine the life of many Filipinos if he didn’t pursue his goal? He had a great achievements. He’s a living legend, a truly kind billionaire.


Henry Sy Provide Jobs in the Philippines

Henry Sy is a great man, in my opinion. There are many Filipinos who are looking for jobs. Thank him because he provides employment. Thank him for he helped hundred thousands or even millions of Filipinos find a job.

FYI, Henry Sy is the most richest man in the Philippines with a net worth of $13.7 billion dollars. You read it right. Billion dollars not peso. He rank #71 in the Forbes richest people in the world. Of course, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.

Henry Sy and William Henry Gates are Lucky Names

I came to think that the name Henry are fortunate. A lucky name? The richest man in the Philippines named “Henry Sy” while the richest man in the world named “William Henry Gates”. Oh I wish my name is “Henry”. Just kidding. it’s not the name that make them rich. It’s their attitude, self-discipline, great purpose, passion, courage and a matter of good luck that make them rich.

Back to our topic, how do Henry Sy acquired his wealth? In the beginning of this article, I mentioned SM Investment Corporations. Henry Sy don’t just focus on SM Malls, he also get interested in investing in real estate, banking and retailing.

If You are a Billionaire like Henry Sy

If you were Henry Sy now, being the most richest man in the Philippines, what would you do to your wealth? Should you share it to other people or let your children continue your businesses and investments? You should choose both option one and two. Henry Sy shared his wealth through charity (SM Foundation).

As I mentioned in our previous article, you should build wealth that last for future generations. Millions of people will get benefits to the brilliant ideas of Henry Sy, and I am one of them. May I use this article to thank Sir Henry Sy. Because of him, I graduated college because I work part time then in SM City Pampanga Department Store and now a blogger, investor, entrepreneur and educator. Thank you very much Sir Henry Sy.

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