Network Marketing Companies can Help You Get Rich?

Posted by Grace under Business on December 17, 2014

Do you work with net work marketing? Can you get rich fast with net working? MLM multi-level marketing, a one of the surprising! Exciting! Luring!Let us find out if you will get rich fast in a net working business. Here in, it is my pleasure to share to you my experiences and knowledge about net working. Hey! my comment box is always open to readers who wants to add some ideas and opinions.

What is a Networking? You will only understand this given word if you know the meaning of a “net work”. For me, a net work is group of people with the same interest and the same motives. Example, a particular business has a net work. A business will never become a success if it doesn’t have network. In business, a net work is the “manpower” or the people who operates it including the owner, the sales people, marketing division, the production crews, etc.


But in an MLM business, it’s focus is on recruiting or referring people. It’s sad to say that there are lot of MLM companies who offers low-quality products, they offer low quality products for the sake of just building an MLM company. Some of their products are available on the market. I am not against MLM business, I am against for those who recruits and convince people to join with them without informing the real cycle; and that is “no recruit no money”. We’ll talk about this later.

Do Rich Use Network Marketing

You can become rich fast if you know how to use leveraging. Example of leveraging is using other people’s money, using other people’s time, using other people’s expertise. This is exactly what the rich investors do. They borrowed money in the bank (money leverage), they employ people (time and skill leverage).

But in MLM business, can you say that “oww lend me some money and I’ll join”, the recruiter might think, what duh…”I will only make money if you join”.

Network Marketing Issue

Unless you are the owner and the pioneer member and you have a lot of downlines. The more downlines the more money you can make, but, the more downlines, the more people will get affected financially. How?

What if the MLM company became popular and almost people joined the company, how these downlines make money if there is no more people to recruit. Maybe you say “product sales and rebates”. Another issue.

Value and Interest

The products of MLM business is sometimes or most often “akwards”. Imagine a recruiter will present MLM product magically. How’s that? There are recruiter who will tell you a story or testimonials, presenting products (medical capsule + bulb = amazing). It is magical because there is some “hidden” things which you as a prospect should know.

Things to know are how the people in their testimonials became rich riding 2 Ferrari, living in a mansion, has a personal helicopter, 1 sub marine, 5 ships, 20 trillion dollars. They don’t even say to you directly that “you must recruit to have that kind of living”.

Now, ask yourself. Are you smarter enough to get lured in MLM testimonials? Looking for a products that will add value to people’s lives is one of good reasons in joining a net working business. I don’t want to emphasize “value” here. You know about it and I mentioned this again and again in this blog. If you want to know “value”. Kindly ask Mr. Wallace Wattles, the author of “Science of Getting Rich”.

Network Marketing Tips & Warnings

You can be rich in a networking business if you are the owner or the pioneer.
Investigate what products offered, is it valuable? So that, if you decide to stop recruiting, you can use the product. Or if your down lines can’t recruit, at least they are happy and satisfied with the products.

Network Marketing Companies can Help You Get Rich?

You can get rich fast not in working but in properly using leverage. Start your own business, borrowed money in the bank, hire people to work for you and start making cash.

It is up to you if you will join in MLM business, make sure you understand that you need to work hard to succeed. Some recruiter will only present products, show testimonials. Don’t expect to have your 2 Ferrai cars, a big mansion, an helicopter, a submarine, a ship, and a 20 trillion dollars without doing anything.

Assuming, someone offers a MLM opportunity worth $500. Think twice! Invest it on stocks or mutual funds. After 20 years your $500 will turn into $818,000. If it just invested properly in an investment vehicle that earns 15% annually. Through the effects of compound interest, the $818,000 is possible after 20 years. Now, maybe you think after 20 years? I want to get rich fast, how? Leverage it!

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