How to Earn Money Online Without Investment?

Posted by Grace under Money on June 5, 2016

Want to earn money online without investment? If your answer is yes, you’re on the right money making tips. It is true that if you want to earn fast cash, you need to invest. You need to leverage money and time to make quick money. However, not all people can afford to invest. That’s the reason why they are just looking for “free” online jobs that they think these online jobs can turn them into real online business.

It is also true that not all people are afraid to take risk. They are willing to take risk, but, they don’t have money. Are you one of them? So, do you want to start from scratch making money online?


Few months ago, I published some useful post about earning money online. But, many of these suggestions required minimal investments.

  • How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

Things Needed

  1. Computer/Laptop/High End Mobile Devices
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Online payment processors like PayPal
Earn Money Online Without Investment

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 How to Earn Money Online Without Investment?

STEP 1. Do Micro Jobs or Freelancing Jobs
Create a account on different companies that offers micro jobs and freelancing jobs. There are many companies out there that allows you to find work online.

You can search them by using these “queries”. Freelancing jobs, freelance works, micro works or virtual assistant. I tried Odesk but soon I became a blogger and now teaching you how to earn money online. There are many ways to sell your services (typing, data entry, encoding, designing). All you need to do is to find a website that allows you to sell your services, let’ say you want to try “Fiverr”.
STEP 2. Sell Old Stuff Online

This one is my favorite. Whenever I found old stuffs on my room or garage. I go to my favorite buy and sell websites to post my stuff and sell it.

Just wait for the interested buyer. Of course, you can only earn money online when you make a sale. So, find a old things in your house and sell them online.
STEP 3. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s products. You can earn money online without investment if you will become first an affiliate of a company selling their products or services. An affiliate in simple terms means an “agent”.

You look for the buyers or just promote products until you make a sale. Be serious in affiliate marketing. Just choose products or services that you are interested to promote or sell.

Those three ways are somewhat the easiest way to earn money online without investment. Also, article writing, blogging using free blogger platforms, earn money by viewing videos or ads, mini tasks like signing up for a particular website, creating a social media profiles for other people or companies, etc.

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