Converse Job Vacancy for Customization Design Specialist (New York)

Posted by Grace under Jobs on October 31, 2017

Looking for a job in New York, USA? You can apply for a job as customization design specialist at Converse. You must possessed a certain skills if you want to apply for this job. You must possessed strong ability in using Photoshop and Adobe CS, you must have highly effective communication skills, a keen eye for design, a passion for design and creativity, you must possessed enthusiastic personality, you must be well-organized and takes pride in your workplace.

To apply for a customization design specialist, you must also know how to create fun for customers and kno how to provide customer service satisfaction. If you want to be a Converse Brand Ambassador and lead by example, read the qualifications and apply now.


Converse Job Vacancy as Customization Design Specialist (New York)


  •  1-2 years of retail experience.
  • A compelling portfolio that showcases your experience and ability
  • Speaking clearly with employees and customers
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of professionalism.
  • Must be able to work evenings, weekends and holidays as needed
  • Must be able to perform all retail floor functions including standing for extended periods, climb ladders, stock/retrieve/ merchandise, and unload shipments

If you think you are qualified, then apply here.

Note:  Qualified applicants for this position will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, protected veteran status, or disability. This site ( is not affiliated to Converse or to any employment agencies. The admin of the site is not collecting fees or money for the job posting. This post is for informational purpose only and disregard this post if the job vacancy expired.

Tips in Applying for a Job

  • Prepare your CV, make it better. Review your resume and include all your working experience as possible. Make your resume as professional as possible, too.
  • Apply online or just walk-in. Submit your resume and be prepared to job interview. Read some guide on how to pass the job interview before you take the interview.
  • You can get a job easily especially when you are in new York because there are lot of jobs in New York offered by many corporations out there.

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