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How to Get Rich Without Education?

How to get rich without education is one of the hottest topic on "getting rich". Few months ago I posted an article how to get rich without a college degree, the post was read by number of people in United States and other part of the world. So, here is the continuation or the reminder…

Grace on January 18, 2016

Continuing Education | Key to Career & Financial Success

Know why continuing education is the key to success in every areas of life especially in financial aspects. Why doctors, teachers, accountants and other professionals are continuing their education. A secondary teacher is taking up a master’s degree or even a graduate program. A medicine doctor will keep on studying to have his own specialization whether…

Grace on January 12, 2016

Get Vocational Education to Acquire Technical Skills

If you want to earn a living, get vocational education and acquire important skills. In vocational education, you can learn useful skills that are very in-demand in our society. Take some time to read this topic so that you will have an idea why vocational education is sometimes the best options for your career. Would…

Grace on January 11, 2016

Finding Overseas Jobs is Easy, But Working Abroad is Not!

Many people especially Filipinos are finding overseas jobs. They really want to work abroad. One of their dream is to work abroad especially in largest and rich countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Are you one of the many Filipinos dreaming to work abroad? My friend is applying a job in New…

Grace on January 9, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect, Unless You Do it Constantly

The famous line famous makes perfect popped in my head when I think something about the things I want to do perfectly. I remember when I was 14 years old, my teacher told me that "having a constant practice" will improve the way I play the piano. How can I practice playing the piano many…

Grace on December 28, 2015

How to Choose a Career? (7 Steps)

Learn how to choose a career path in life today. Learning how to choose a career in life too early is a wise decision. As the old saying goes, "your future is today" is absolutely true. In choosing the right career path, you must understand that there are important things to consider. Let us first…

Grace on December 5, 2015

How to Quit Your Job Gracefully? (5 Ways)

Want to know how to quit your job gracefully?  If you want to gracefully leave your job today, follow the ways written in this post. Quitting your job if you just started is hard. Maybe you want to quit your job and travel? That's a good idea. However, quitting your job without a proper plan after you…

Grace on December 4, 2015

How to Teach Students in a Fun and Exciting Way? (4 Steps)

How to teach students in a fun and exciting way is one of the most frequently asked questions by many teachers around the world. There are many teaching strategies that you can use to make your class excited and interested. Today, let me share some tips on how to teach students the way they enjoy it…

Grace on December 3, 2015

Jobs Available When You Took Bachelor of Finance?

If you're taking bachelor of finance, you should know where to practice your profession. Taking bachelor of finance is quiet difficult, however, for me it is rewarding. Why rewarding? From the word itself, "finance" means you are working with "money". Unless you don't want to talk about money. Unless you are interested in making more…

Grace on September 24, 2015

How to Teach English Abroad Easily?

Want to teach English abroad? Here are the ideas to find education jobs overseas. Teaching English grammar in other countries is a rewarding job. Many non-English speaking countries especially from Asia and other European countries are hiring many English teachers online and offline. Maybe you asked, how much money can I make through teaching English?…

Grace on September 13, 2015

Good Questions to Ask in an Interview

This list of good questions to ask in an interview can be very useful for every human resource manager when selecting job applicants whether he is qualified or not. After reading this list, you can make your own sample interview questions and answers easily. When selecting applicants, it would be nice if you will ask…

Grace on September 6, 2015