Q&A: One Good Example of Affordable Retirement Gift Idea

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on February 28, 2016

Casio Gold Watch can be your best gift to give to your loved ones who will get retire soon. There are many retirement gift ideas we can buy at a affordable price. But since we are looking for affordable one, try Casio gold watch. Actually I am a fan of Casio.

I have a wrist watch (stainless wrist watch) made by Casio. I bought it last 2008 until now the watch is still in good condition. I only change the battery every 3 years.


Why Casio Gold Watch is Appropriate Gift for Retirement

If the retiree is a male, try to buy him a gold watch for men and if the retiree is a female, you can buy gold watch for women. Is gold watch appropriate gift for retirement?

Image Credit: Maurina Rara on CC 2.0 via Flickr

Image Credit: Maurina Rara on CC 2.0 via Flickr

I think YES. Gold symbolizes, long years. If a man or woman live for 50 years, I think he should celebrate. And for the retiree, golden years simply means the harvesting years.

You can read the explanation in one of the inspirational retirement quotes in this blog. Explained by Harry Mahtar.

So, if you are trying to buy a Casio gold watch that you are planning to give as a gift for the retiree, do it. The retiree will appreciate it. Do not forget to include letters.

Casio Gold Watch or Expensive Branded Gold Watch

I don’t want to compare Casio to other company. I know there are wrist watch out there that $20,000.00 The reasons why you are giving gold watch to the retiree is not because you want to make impressions to him letting him think that you are rich. Duh, the retiree is richer than you. So, you must give him or her a gift because you want to congratulate him/her for his/her retirement.

Don’t spend too much money by just giving the retiree a  gold watch. You can buy affordable men and women’s gold watch at affordable prices. Look around at the mall and find Casio store. I am not sure if you can also purchase Casio gold watch online.

What do you think? Is Casio gold watch a good retirement gift idea? Let me hear what you think about this topic. Thanks for reading.

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