Where to Buy Chris Hogan Retire Inspired Book?

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on June 23, 2016

Planning to buy Chris Hogan Retire Inspired book? What is in this book? Why Retire Inspired book became a popular retirement book? Let’s take some time to read and share our opinion about Chris Hogan (best) book ever. Is this one of the good books to read about retirement? Let’s find out.

Who is Chris Hogan?


Chris Hogan is a former All-American football player. His mission is to spread financial literacy. He is teaching other people about retirement, business, leadership and more important things in life.

Maybe you will ask, “I want to retire rich and comfortable, how can I start and I want Chris Hogan as my financial advisor. How can I get connected with him”.?

There are many ways to get connected with this inspirational and motivational speaker. The first way is to visit his website, follow him on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe in Chris Hogan YouTUbe channel and watch and listen to one of his retirement tips.

Follow Chris Hogan and Learn More

  • Chris Hogan: https://www.chrishogan360.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrishogan360
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrishogan360
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisHogan360

Chris is serving at Ramsey Solutions as a financial coach across United States of America. Chris Hogan “Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age. It’s a Financial Number” book was released in January 2016. Retire Inspired book is a number one national best-selling book. Chris Hogan is expert in mortgage and investing money. He is working with the high profile individuals like business owners, professional athletes and entertainers. He help these high end clients develop a good financial strategies to generate more revenues, protect their assets and help them plan ahead to have a great and secure retirement years.

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Chris Hogan Retire Inspired Book Details

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Ramsey Press
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9780142000472
Shipping Weight: 0.65 lb

Chapter 1: Redefining Retirement: The Past, the Present and the Truth
Chapter 2: Dreaming in High Definition: Know Your R:IQ
Chapter 3: Budgeting: Be the Boss of Your Money
Chapter 4: Debt: Your Dreams Deferred
Chapter 5: Intentional Investing: A Great Retirement Is No Accident
Chapter 6: Save $1000 Fast: Walk Before You Run
Chapter 7: Your Behavior: The Best Friend and Worst Enemy of Your Retirement
Chapter 8: Use the Time You’ve Got: Retirement by the Decade
Chapter 9: Who Do You Trust?: Assembling Your Dream Team
Chapter 10: You’re the CEO: Managing Your Family and Financial Business

You have many options to buy Chris Hogan Retire Inspired Book, go to book store, shop on Amazon or buy the book in the official website.

You can buy the book at https://www.chrishogan360.com/book/

Say Something about Chris Hogan Retire Inspired Book?

Chris Hogan his awesome. I love his book. Personally, in my experience. I have learned a lot from Retire Inspired book. From its tagline, “It’s Not an AGE. It’s a financial number”.

There are inspirational stories and good illustrations to make “retirement planning” more clearer and understandable.  The “Retire Inspired” book is easy to read and there are basic information in it. It has lots of “SOLID” information if you are really serious in planning for your retirement. It can guide you until you know what are the best options to prepare your retirement by saving and investing.

So, If I were you grab the copy of Chris Hogan Retire Inspired book. I can say that this book will become your favorite retirement book ever. After you read the book, visit this page again, say something about it and leave a comment.

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