BDO Credit Card | Application Requirements, Benefits of BDO Credit Card

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Tips on how to apply a BDO Credit Card, its application requirements, documents necessary and benefits. Steps by step procedure on how to apply BDO Credit Card.

Planning to have a BDO Credit Card? Here are the requirements and benefits when applying a credit card in BDO. If this is your first time, try to make a quick review about the dangers of having a credit card and have time to think which card is suited for you, high limits or low limits.

If you are 21-34 years old, your limits must be P15,000 to P34,000. For age, 34-45 years old, P35,000 to P100,000 will be fine, but for the people aged 45 and above, they can get as high limits amounting to P100,000 and above.


Why Do You Need a Credit Card?
Is it for travel, shopping and entertainment? Or for emergency purposes? There is an obligation you should know in having a credit card. You better think deeply, do you really need a credit card?

There are different credit card at BDO namely, shop more, classic, gold, titanium, platinum, bench, Forever21 (Mastercard) and for Visa are Visa Classic, gold, titanium, for JCB are JCB lucky cat and JCB gold and there is also a Unionpay Gold. For American Express®, there is blue, gold and platinum, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Elite credit card.

Benefits of BDO Credit Card

It is great to get a lot of benefits in a specific banks offering a credit card, this time let us talk about BDO credit card and its benefits. Aside from 24/7 customer service, there are also promos, discounts and rewards points to be given away for card holders, a maximum of 50% limit in cash advance is also a great benefits and a interest rate for as low as 3%.

BDO Credit Card Qualifications
Are you qualified enough to have a BDO credit card? If you are a Filipino citizen or a permanent resident with a minimum of 2 years. A principal cardholders must be 21 to 70 years old while the supplementary should at least 13 years old.

Must be regular employee or a business owner (proprietor) wherein the business is in 2 years operation.

A minimum of P240,000 gross fixed annual income is required. You should also have at least one land line phone to be qualified in applying a BDO Credit card. Your residential address or business address should be accessible near of any BDO branch.

Necessary Required Documents
If you want to save more time while applying a BDO credit card, you must already prepare the necessary documents before you go to any of the BDO branch and fill out an application form.
Here are the important documents you must prepare before going to the bank;

I. For applicants with existing credit card/s in BDO or other banks

  • Recent credit card charge slip or most recent credit card statement of account.
  • Photocopy of the front portion of other credit card
  • Photocopy of at least one (1) valid photo-bearing identification document front and back issued and signed by an official. Click here to see the list of IDs
  • Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316 signed by employer’s authorized representative for employed applicants or photocopy of latest ITR and W4 with BIR stamp for self-employed

II. For applicants without existing credit card

1. Proof of Income
If you are employed customers, the required documents you must submit in the bank are the following:

  • Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316, signed by employer’s authorized representative
  • Submit any one (1) of the following which can be optional
  • Original copy of Employment and Income (COEI) indicating status, length of service and compensation breakdown
  • Photocopy of latest full month pay slip

For self-employed applicants:

  • Photocopy of Registration of Business Name

For Single Proprietorship issued by DTI
For Partnership/Corporation issued by SEC

  • Photocopy of ITR for the last two (2) years and W4 and BIR/Bank Stamp
  • Audited Financial Statements for the last two (2) years
  • Bank Statements for the last three (3) months which is optional

2. Proof of Identification such as billing statements (utility bills, telephone bills, government ID with photo)

III. Documentary Requirements for Foreigners

  • Copy of employment contract or certificate of employment
  • Letter from the Embassy (if Embassy Official)
  • Submit photocopy of any one of the following:
  • Valid passport with resident Visa
  • Work permit and valid visa
  • Special investor’s resident visa and visas issued by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority or visa with E0226
  •  ACR or ICR or ICR-I


Steps on How to Apply a Credit Card in BDO

Make sure you filled out the credit card application form neatly. Just write N/A if unnecessary or not applicable. Avoid erasures and complete every details that required to answer, in your personal information such as name, address, and birthday, your work and personal trade and references.

Actually you can apply online, just go to their official website, then choose credit card, forms and brochure and go to “application forms”. That’s it, wait for the confirmation or the know your application status via online.

Going back to our topic, after you have filled out the application form, simply pass your form to the any of the bank staff and wait for them to assist you. Ask questions about BDO credit cards so that you may understand everything especially when you got your bill information.

References: BDO Banco de Oro
Disclaimer: Logos, trademarks and business name are owned by their respective companies. 
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Questions Regarding BDO Credit Card Promos
You have to use your privilege in having a credit card especially in BDO, there are promos and rewards to be given away that can be found in the list of “Credit Card Philippines“.

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  1. queennie dalguntas says:

    If you are an ofw what kind requirements need to submit?thank you

  2. Grace says:

    Maybe passport or other supporting documents that shows you’re an OFW.

  3. emilie says:

    i am a ofw,and my 18 years old daughter want to apply for a credit card ,we are also a client in your bank,and now she wants to get a laptop,but they are asking credit card,can she apply for this credit card? actually she has 14,000 on her,and we decided to pay it on the credit card if she can apply one.thank you

  4. Gie says:

    hi, im an ofw here in UAE, i want to know if its possible for me to apply though im outside the country, if so, what are the requirements and qualifications? please send me an email to

  5. jenjen says:

    Hi im an ofw, is it possible fod me to apply for credit card? Will wait for your reply,
    thank you

  6. Zenaida M. Abaca says:

    How I apply MasterCard or Visa card…im her in UEA it is possible?

  7. Zenaida M. Abaca says:

    How I apply MasterCard or Visa card…im her in UEA it is possible?

  8. Samantha says:

    Hi I’m an OFW and I’m currently in the Philippines for a vacation I want to know what are the requirements applied for me to be qualified. thank you!

  9. Lilibeth Ceria says:

    Hi i am an ofW , I am planning to apply for a credit card. Please send me information on how and what to do. Thank you in advance!

  10. aileen talla says:

    Hi, I am an ofw …I was planning to apply for a credit card…please send me information….thank you

  11. Mary Grace says:

    For OFW, overseas filipino workers, here are the required documents are:

    Valid IDs
    Employment contract or certificate of employment
    Remittance receipts for the last 6 months or payslips for the last 3 months

    I know those are some of the bdo credit card requirements for ofw..

  12. mary anne says:

    What if i dont have a landline phone

  13. Mai mai says:

    how many id’s do you need for the application?

  14. Khaye says:

    Hi i am an ofW , I am planning to apply for a credit card. Please send me information on how and what to do. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi I’m OFW here in UAE I want to apply Visa card its is possible? Pls inform me this my email address thank you

  16. amy llamado says:

    Hi good morning i dont have a land line and im not a regular employee but im working continues in an agency it is posible to avail a credit card? Fäcebook account po ung email k thank you

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    Hi I am an o.f.w is it possible to apply for a Mastercard ?

    Thank you

  18. cristina porras says:

    hi.ako.poc cristina
    porras.gusto mag aplly ngcredit card.

  19. Loppita Reeci says:

    Interested to apply a credit card. I have AtM on your bank, the one with no passbook. I have no work, as I rely on my husband’s remittance only. My account/atm has been having big deposit history as we are building house. Will I be allowed to apply using the remittance receipts or a bank statement on my bdo atm (only,savings) account, as document for *proof of income? I was offered to apply a credit card before when I had the Kabayan Account, I regret to decline the offer.

  20. Bernadette Mangila Stidwill says:

    Sir/ madaam,

    I applied a credit card 2 months ago I think ,but until now no result either or you approve it or not. Thank you!

  21. Rachel Anne Jose says:

    hi im interested to have a credit card @ bdo, but i’m a new hired call center agent. am I qualified to have a credit card?

  22. Pia says:

    i am interested to have credit card for my travel and tour purposes. Is the application form can be downloaded online? Thank you.

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    I am ofw in Oman…..
    What are the requirements for applying credit card.We don’t have landline.

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    hi can a police officer can apply for a credit card? what are the requirements? thank you.

  25. Daisy says:

    Hi!I’m an ofw here in Vietnam and I want to get a credit card when I come back home this september but only for 6days..if I will apply for it can I have it before going back to Vietnam?thank you..

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    Member po ako ng BDO kabayan saving
    Anung requirements kung mag apply ng credit card

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    I’d like to apply credit card .I have bdo savings account. Thanks

  28. EDGAR DORMIDO says:

    hello po, nag apply ng credit card then my tumawag sa akin from manila head office naghingi sya ng latest payslip ko , sabi magrequest muna ako sa head office ko , sabi isend ko lng ang latest pay slip ko para ma process ang application ko, tapos sabi nya after the convesation sa phone magforward dw sya ng email para doon ko email ang pay slip ko, pero hanggang ngayon wla , saan ba puedi email ang pay slip ko. tnx edgar

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    How to apply ofw in hk

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