How to Register in Barclays Online Banking?

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Want to know Barclays online banking register? Barclays has online banking facility. You can now enjoy internet banking by using the compatible devices to access Barclays Online Banking. When using this banking facility make sure your computer or devices has updated web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.In online banking, you can check your balances online, view your SOA or statement of account, transfer funds from other bank accounts, pay bills, make international payments, manage direct debits. You are able to get text alerts to confirm online payments.

Barclays Online Banking Register

In Barclays Online Banking, you can use tools to manage your finances especially your savings plan and it is secured to upload and store documents in their database. The following are step by step procedure on how to register in Barclays Online Banking.

Barclays online banking registration form.

Photo Courtesy: Barclays

Step 1. Enter Your Personal Information
Type your surname, date of birth, postcode, sort code, your debit or cash card number and your email address in the field.

Step 2. Confirm Your Personal Information
Double check and confirm that the details of your personal information you’ve entered in the field are correct


Step 3. Wait to Get Approved and Password
Wait for the system to send your membership number and 5-digit passcode or password – then use these code to log in to Barclays Online Banking

Step 4. Customization
Log in to your account and open the ‘Account services’ menu at the top of the page and select ‘Upgrade PINsentry card reader under ‘Customise my account’

If you have any question, please contact the Barclays customer service hotline or visit the official website as our reference:

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