April Fools Day 2017: Maureen Hinckley Foundation Donating $550,000 USD (Email Scam)

Posted by Grace under Scams and Frauds on April 1, 2017

April fools day starting today. I receive an email telling me that Maureen Hinckley Foundation is donating five hundred fifty thousand US dollars ($550,000 USD) to me. It’s a April Fools Day but you have no idea that many scammers are trying to make money out of faking people. Here’s the simple example of scams I received on the first day of April Fools Day.

Subject: Donation Grant for You


Date Received: April Fools Day @ 7:20 pm

Sender’s Name: Henrik Salomon

Sender’s Email Address: Henrik@hsalomon.dk

Maureen Hinckley Used in Scam Email

Here’s the short message. it’s short and it’s obvious this message is from a scammer and not from Maureen Hinckley

Don’t Be Fooled on April Fools Day

Why? It is because Daily Investing Tips (InvestmentTotal.com) will show to the public about his/her email message. People will become aware when they receive the same email message.

Sometimes, (I mean most of the time), people who became a victims of scams and frauds aren’t reading InvestmentTotal.com. Still, some people will respond to the email message of the scammers. The advice is not to respond in anyway to the email message and immediately block the sender’s email address.

Conclusion to the April Fools Day Email Message

First, the sender introduced himself as Maureen Hinckley and he is willing to donate half million dollars to me. Wow! That’s a lot of money and I can retire young if this is true. But there is a hidden part. The next thing that the sender wants me to do is to reply to another email address mhin57@hotmail.com

Don’t get fooled on the first of april. Even though April Fools Day might be only a joke. You can be a possible victim of scams and frauds if you will not use your financial IQ if you receved the same email message. So, always visit Daily Investing Tips for other scams and frauds report. Happy April Fools Day!

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