American Student Association Student Reduction Plans Account Notifications Scam Alert

Posted by Grace under Scams and Frauds on April 19, 2017

I received a account notifications related to American Student Association from different people using different email address in my Yahoo mail box (spam box). The Daily Investing Tips blog used to published scams and fraud that we carefully examined to help our readers not to get scammed.

Even though we wrote a guide about avoiding scams and frauds, there are many scammers who insist to send scams emails and phishing in one of our yahoo email address (


I remember that this email address was not subscribed to any websites with related to American Student Association. I just know that this email address was the email I used when I started signing up and joining affiliate programs on the internet.

I received account notifications about American Student Association from fifteen (15) email addresses. Kindly block their email addresses.

American Student Association Scam Alert

Oh I wish no one will respond to the email messages from these people. After you have read their email messages, do not even think to make a reply. Just ignore these email messages;

Sender: Patricia Johnson

Email Address:

Date Received: April 4

American Student Association Reduction Plans Scam Alert

American Student Association Email Addresses Used by Scammers

The senders or many scammers used the same email messages but used different email address. Take note of these email addresses, block them so you will never received one of their scam tactics.

  • Karen Anderson |
  • Elizabeth Brown |
  • Melissa Hall |
  • Betty Thomas |
  • Wemaking Guadalupe |
  • Excerestint Marco |
  • Shateriere Edward |
  • Jennifer Miller |
  • Carol Kelly |
  • Donna Jackson |
  • Helen Moore |
  • Maria Davis |
  • Dorothy Wilson |
  • Linda Johnson |
  • Kathy Ward |

I do hope you will immediately block the email addresses listed above for you to stop them in receiving face account notifications especially if you are a student in United States and a member of any student association in America.

Did you received the same email messages from these senders (scammers)? Did you make a responses to them or you just ignore them? Kindly share another email addresses used by many scammers related to account notifications about American Student Association. Thanks!

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