Youngest Australian Billionaires

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Do you want to know the youngest Australian Billionaires? These two guys are self-made billionaires and their source of wealth is “software”. Guess who’s the youngest billionaires who made it at age 35? Drum roll, please. Congratulations to Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes. These guys are from Sydney Australia.If we combined their net worth, the total is $2.2 Billion. Their total net worth combined is closely to the net worth of Andrew Forrest amounting to $2.1 Billion. They got the rank #25 as the most richest people in Australia. Gina Rinehart is still the most wealthiest man in Australia with a total net worth of $12.2 Billion.

Youngest Billionaires in Australia

Mike Cannon- Brookes and Scott Farquhar

Studied a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. He studied in University of New South Wale.


Rank  Name / Age Net Worth
1 Mike Cannon-Brookes
Age: 35
$1.1 Billion
1 Scott Farquhar
Age: 35
$1.1 Billion

The other youngest billionaires in Australia are as follows;

Rank Name / Age Net Worth
3 James Packer
Age: 47
$4.7 Billion
4 Fiona Geminder
Age: 50
$2.1 Billion
5 Heloise Waislitz
Age: 52
$2 Billion
6 Andrew Forrest
Age: 53
$2.2 Billion
7 Raymond Barro
Age: 53
$960 Million
8 Anthony Pratt
Age: 55
$3.6 Billion
9 Brett Blundy
Age: 55
$770 Million
10 Ivan Glasenberg
Age: 58
$5.4 Billion

The net worth and their age was tracked on May 11, 2015 on Forbes.Com Rich List (as our reference and original source). If you found incorrect data or information in this page, please inform us immediately.

What do you think? Will Mike Cannon- Brookes and Scott Farquhar the youngest billionaires in Australia also become the most richest people in the world after few years? Will they acquire a total assets like Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft) or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) net worth? Share your opinion below. Thank you!

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  1. Elsa @ MoneyBlogAustralia says:

    I think anyone who wants to become rich like Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar should go into computer and internet business. Thank you for this list Grace. Now I know who are the youngest billionaires in Australia. They are inspiration to every Australian people.

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