Worst Investment Advice for Young Investors Found Online

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 24, 2015

Take time to read this worst investment advice for young investors I found online. If you’re asking the wrong person you will surely get the wrong answer. An 18-year old asking “how should I invest 250,000? An interesting question about investing advice I found online. While I am browsing one of the popular question and answer site. I found an interesting question and worst investment advice for your investors. Think why I said it’s worst advice after you read this page.

It is very important to ask and consult only with financial experts when you need investing advice. To get accurate and proper investing advice, don’t ask anyone. Ask the registered investment advisor or certified financial planner.


This is what you can get when you ask investing advice online.Someone asked a question;

I am 18 years old and i make roughly 250k salary what do i do with my money? Or how should i invest it?

Update: it is 250k us dollars a year and I’m already investing it in the company I work for which provides a retirement policy which puts it into a global index(ffiul). I pay 1.5k a month to my policy. Just wanted to know what else I should do?

Worst Investment Advice for Young Investors

Take note, that this answer got the best answer. Is it the best answer? Read the selected best answer and find out if it’s really the best or is it the worsts investment advice for young investors you can read on the internet.

Best Answer:  You’re 18. Don’t invest. Have fun!
Property is always a safe bet for investments though. Something physical in case of another global economic crisis.
But sports cars are more fun…

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150918184349AAWytr9

Telling a young man not to invest money and enjoy his present life by buying anything is considered as worst investment advice. Why not tell her to invest money to prepare her future. Why don’t you motivate her to invest today to become financially independent and help her retire rich, retire young and retire happy. Well, I hope you got my point why I consider the answer above as the worst investment advice you can give to a young man. For me, the answer above teaches a young man to “enjoy today and suffer tomorrow”. Try to teach every young man to suffer now and enjoy later.

If you have the opportunity to answer the question, what should you answer? What will you tell her? Will you tell her to enjoy her life while she is still young or will you tell her to invest early to retire early? Leave a comment below.

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