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Posted by Grace under General Info on January 13, 2016

Here is my WordPress blog design, a fast loading, simple and SEO friendly. Finally, I am done in designing this WordPress blog. Let me know what readers and visitors will have to say.

My goal in blogging is to serve my readers and give them the best answers. If I were to design a blog with lots of pictures and unnecessary objects or widgets, I think I will not achieve my blogging goal. I have some answers on how I will serve my visitors and readers.


Simple design, fast loading pages and SEO friendly design. I mentioned the developer of the WordPress theme I am using in this blog when I post how Installed simple WordPress theme and modified it..

Simple WordPress Blog Design

I am fanatic of simplicity. I want everything to be simple. Even in my investing style, I want to make my strategy as simple as possible. For me, simplicity is beauty.

SEO Friendly WordPress Blog Design

This blog is also search engine friendly. I have lots of articles where in they are in the top of search engine results page. One of the popular blog post that are rank #1 in Google are;

  • How to Prosper in Life
  • How to Multiply Your Money
  • How to Double Your Money

Fast Loading WordPress Blog Design

When I analyze the speed performance of this blog in GTMetrix, I got 95%. I am very happy because I did it. Few months ago, when I tested the page speed on GTMetrix, it only got 81% to 85%. See how can you analyze your site’s speed here and make it faster the way I did to InvestmentTotal.com

What can you say about my blog design? Is this the best WordPress blog design? If you have the chance to list 3 of important things to change in this blog, which one should you recommend? Let me know your opinion about my WordPress blog design.

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