Will Asking Discount Makes You Sound Cheap?

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on June 14, 2016

Asking discount, we love discount! Actually not everyone knows the benefits of asking a discount. In this page, let us discuss why asking for a product or services discount can help us save a lot of money.

It is true that even rich people are asking for a discount. If rich people are asking, so the poor must, too. Rich people have a lot of money to pay for anything but still they want to buy an item at a low price.


If you will practice asking for a discount, you will see a big improvement in your finances. Imagine if you are buying for  a car that cost $20,000 and you ask for at least 3% discount. How much money can you save? A $600.00 You can easy ask for a discount when buying a car with cash.

How Asking Discount Should Be Done?

Some seller or an agent might grant you for a discounted price. It always depend in the cost or amount of the products or services you are buying. Here is the right way to ask for a discounted price;

  • Tell the agent/sales representative that you will buy the products if he will give you a discount.
  • Tell the agent or the store staff/manager that if they give you a discount, you will refer their products/store to other people or customers.
  • If they don’t want you to give a discount, tell the agent or the manager that you will look for another store and compare their prices.
  • Be honest, tell them that you want to save money.
  • Find discount vouchers that you can use in a specific store.
  • Even if you will not ask for a discount, look markdown price (if there will be a deduction) or find a way on how can you get a rebates when you are buying. Rebates are commonly granted for credit card holders.
Will Asking for a Discount Makes You Sound Cheap

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Benefits of Asking Discount?

  • You can save a lot of money when you always bought products or services at a discounted price. Imagine if the original price of a product or services will decrease 20%. That means you save 20% of the original price. Instead of spending $100, you will only spend $80.
  • Don’t easily believe to other sales or stores that their products or services are 70% off. That’s catchy. A business is a business. Everyone wants a profit.
  • If you are asking for a discount, you are practicing your rights as a consumer.

Would you like to add important information about selling and buying? What about you? Do you think asking for a discount will only make you sound cheap? Share your comments and opinion below.

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