Why is Life so Hard & What to Do About it?

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Many reasons why is life is so hard. Life is difficult because you treat life not a “life”. Today, we will discuss the reasons why life is very hard and what to do about it. in life, there are troubles, trials and inequalities. we should face life with courage no matter what we encounter in our daily living.

Want to have a comfortable life? What about a peaceful and prosperous life? Want to know how to make your life easy and make it wonderful all the time?


Want to make yourself always happy? The fact is “life is hard”. But it doesn’t mean you can’t become happy and successful.

Why is Life so Hard? 

According to Philip Terry, the reasons why is life so hard is because human didn’t attain high quality education, people is living with bad government, too many people flooding the system, inefficient transportation and poo traffic system, pollution (air pollution). [1]

Life is not easy because in the first place, it is not always easy to get along with others. In PsychologyToday.com, Glen Heger said that “people are all hypocrites and emotional”.[2]

According to Pastor Rick Warren, the reasons why is life so hard is because people have all broken God’s laws through our sins, transgressions and iniquities. [3]

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Why is Life So Hard?

Here are the common reasons (in my opinion) why is life is so hard. Think about this and do something about it to have a better life.

  • Life is so hard because you didn’t prepare for it especially financially).
  • Your mind always think life is hard. It will become easy if you have a positive mindset. But be careful not to deny the fact that “life is difficult”.
  • Life is hard because you play life easy. It will become easy if you play it hard. (Quotations from T. Harv Eker).
  • Life is hard because you make it complicated. You don’t know how to deal with simple and ordinary problems.
  • Life is hard because of your attitude. After all, life is just a matter of attitude to make it easy, amazing, fantastic and wonderful.

Why is Life so Hard and What to Do About It?

I cited some of the phrases of James MacDonald from his popular book “When Life is Hard”.  This will give you  clear answer on what to do when life become so difficult.

Why is Life so Hard

Image Credit: Jip Moors via Flickr CC 2.0 — Hard (Man on Bike)

“Life is hard right now, and I just don’t know what to do.”

When life is hard—really hard—we often spend all our time pleading, begging, yelling, refusing, and questioning. While none of these things are necessarily unusual, they are missing the ultimate point. When life is hard, when things get ugly, when all hope seems to be lost… that is when we are able to display the superiority of God by leaning on His promises and truths.

Numerous reasons why is life so hard and what to do about it. Life will become difficult if you continue disobeying the law of God. I am not a pastor or a preacher. I just want to share my insights about the question why is life so hard.

Now ask yourself, are you comfortable? Are you contented? Are you grateful? Do you know that life will become only easy if you will accept the fact?

The quote “lie is hard” will be your guide to always have self-courage and do whatever it takes to succeed in your own path, career, finances, or your personal goals.

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