Who Should I Vote for President 2016

Posted by Grace under General Info on April 6, 2016

I asked myself; who should I vote for president 2016! Are you also curious, undecided, uninformed, wondering in picking the next president? In this coming presidential elections 2016, I only need to think few things to spot which presidential candidates would be the next good president.

Few days ago, we talked about how to stop corruption in the government. And this topic might be the continuation of that post.


Who should I vote for 2016 presidential election? That question is the right question. We are not talking about the names of the presidential candidates. We are looking for the characteristics of a good president.

Have you ever seen the latest political ads? Some candidates are making funny political ads, some are serious and some are just attacking their opponents. Some presidential candidates are showing their accomplishments. Some are just luring the voters using false promises.

Who Should I Vote for President 2016

I am so tired waiting for the next president who has a genuine care for his people. I am so tired waiting for the next president who will solve the issue on illegal drugs, corruption and crimes. I am so tired waiting for a leader who will think about the quality of living for his people. What about salary increased? What about employment opportunities?

Will presidential candidate X solve the issue on immigration, low quality health care services, bad political system? What about education? There are many issues and concerns. For me, I will vote the presidential candidate who has a strong belief and good knowledge and great leadership on how to stop illegal drugs, corruption and huge number of crimes.

who should i vote for president 2016

Characteristics of a Good President

As a guide in voting, here I want to share my point of views about the characteristics of a good president. If some of the traits are in a candidate, he is good. But, if these all traits are in a candidates, he is the right one. The next president.

  • Has high moral values.
  • Don’t have record on corruption nor even people don’t doubt he is a corrupt.
  • He is a trustworthy leader.
  • He is a good follower. A role model in obeying the law.
  • He is a wise decision maker. He is not a dog of other big men.
  • He is real.


You should vote for a president with a high moral values. A candidate with high moral values don’t have time to steal government funds. Nor have time to talk about nonsensical matters.

A good president is a serious president in dealing one country’s problems like immigration, corruption, illegal drugs and crime. He don’t talk too much. He is willing to take action and not afraid to do whatever it takes for the sake of his people. He is genuine and real.

In  addition to that, I should vote for a president 2016 who loves to educate people about personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship. InvestmentTotal.com believes that poverty can only be solve if the people know how to manage their finances, making their money work for them and most of all they are not looking for job; they provide jobs instead. That’s just a point of views!

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