Which Investment Vehicle Do Investors Prefer?

Posted by Grace under Investing on April 27, 2015

InvestmentTotal.com question for today. What is the best investment vehicles for retirement? Which investment vehicle do you prefer? From time to time, I am asking the readers and most of them are investors. Few months ago, I asked the investors which is the best, to invest in stocks or to own a business. Many of them responded they will prefer to buy stock shares rather than owning a business. In my own opinion, I should own a business and the business profits should invest in stocks.What about you? If you one million dollars, would you buy stock shares or start your own business? Or maybe your option is to buy anything you want, like cars, house and lot and enjoy your life through traveling in your dream places.

There are different types of investments, you can invest your money in business and enterprises, in a real estate, bonds, mutual funds and in the stock market. I prefer to invest my money with different vehicles for diversification and asset allocation purposes. I may invest my money depending on my age and my capability to generate more income.


Best Investment Vehicles for Retirement: Use Asset Allocation Strategies

Example, as of now I am 20 years old. I will distribute my investment funds 70% high risk and 20% medium risk and 10% low risk. When I reach 30 years old, I will make it 60% for high risk, 20% for both low risk and medium risk investments.

Some investor may focus on investing in stocks or just choose a one investment vehicle and put all their funds. That’s not a good idea. Just in case when the stock market crash, at least you have funds in bonds and you have real estate properties to cover your losses due to stock market investing.

It’s your turn. Tell us your opinion about this page. Please join the discussion. Leave a comment and tell the readers what is the best investment vehicles for retirement and which one do you prefer. Thank you for reading!

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