Where to Open an Investing Account?

Posted by Grace under Investing on May 14, 2016

The investing question for today is “where can I open an investing account?” Asked by Tom from New Jersey, United States. Now you know that you should start investing money immediately because sooner or later you will reap the rewards. Here we want to discuss the best places to open an investment account.

Before you will decide to open an investing account, make sure you are getting informed on how to spot investment scams and fraud to avoid financial losses and investing mistakes.


Tom asked a question lately via email;

Hi Grace, your blog is very interesting. I have learned a lot from InvestmentTotal.com especially how to invest money in stocks. I would like to invest my money in stocks and mutual funds. How can I safely invest my money. I need some sort of advice. Wait for your next article. – Tom

Things Needed to Open an Investing Account

The things you should prepare when opening an investing account are as follows;

  • Valid IDs
  • Social security number
  • Tax identification number
  • Investment account opening form

The investment account opening form are downloadable to investment firms website. You can also learn the exact procedures on how to open an investment account to a specific company by visiting their website’s frequently asked questions or just call the customer service via phone. The telephone numbers are available in their official websites.

Open a Investing Account Things to Consider

The following are the things to consider when an individual wants to open an investment account whether he or she wants to invest in stock market, mutual funds, bonds, or any other paper asset investments.

  • Do make sure that you only open an investment account to a investment firms or any of the best stock brokerage companies for beginners that are registered in Securities and Exchange Commissions.
  • Do make a FINRA broker check to investigate the professional background and information of a broker or an agent.
  • Do talk to other investors on how to open an investing account for yourself. Read and research some reviews of the investment firms.
  • Do read how to invest in stocks safely.

Open an Investing Account for Stocks and Mutual Funds

You can open an investing account for both of your mutual funds and a stock brokerage account as well. In my experience, my stock brokerage allow me to buy not just stocks but also a mutual fund shares. You can search the best stock brokerage online. Visit their official websites and find out how can you open an investing account with them. Also, some important documents are required when opening an investment account for legal and verification purposes.

Important documents like tax identification number, social security number, proof of billing address, birth certificate for “int-trust accounts” for kids, valid government or employee’s ID.

Opening an investing account is a wise decision. This means you have the intention to invest. What’s the use of an investing account if you will not invest money. I hope you will share this page to your friends. If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the comment box.

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