Where to Find Best Finance Tips?

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 19, 2015

Best Finance Tips: Where do you usually find it? Where do you usually look for finance tips when you want to save, budget, invest and earn money? When it comes to your finances, since money isn’t easy to earn, you need to find reliable financial tips. One big mistakes you can do to your finances is to follow the advice of broke people. You want to get rich right? So why are you listening to broke people?

There are many financial experts where they studied financial management. Most of them have licensed and are authorize to teach personal finance, to get some clients and bill them for their “financial knowledge” like retirement planning and asset allocation strategies.


However, there are instances that their financial advice might not effective. The question now is, will you pay for financial adviser or financial planner to plan your finances and retirement or will you just buy books, read articles online and get investing and personal finance tips on forums?

InvestmentTotal.com recommends the first option, wherein you should hire financial planner. But, if you want to just learn personal finance and basic investing, try the second option.

Sources to Find Best Finance Tips

My favorite instrument in finding finance tips are;

  • Books (Best Personal Finance Books)
  • Magazines (Entrepreneur and Forbes)
  • Blogs (Personal Finance Blogs)
  • Investing and Personal Finance Online Forums
  • Investment Club Online

The best personal finance books I have read so far is the book of Suze Orman, The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke, book from Wall Street Lifetime Guide to Money.

Awhile ago, Investment Club Online on Facebook, was mentioned on some of my blog post. It is really cool and interesting to join investment club online and ask the members about what to do to succeed in investing whether you’re investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, 401k, IRAs, and real estate.

However, as I’ve said awhile ago, you need to find the best advice for your finances since money isn’t easy to earn. Will you get free advice or will you accept reliable advice with real financial experts? CFP or certified financial planners will bill you, however, those bills can be your first move to succeed in your investing journey.

Let me know how do you usually find finance tips? Do share your comments today and share this page with your friends. Thank you!

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