Where to Buy Stocks and Bonds

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For beginners, maybe stock market investing seems very difficult. But for professional, buying company stock share online is easy, sometimes without a broker, you can directly call your favorite company and buy shares. Today, we only not talk about how to buy stock shares but also where to buy stocks and bonds as well. The solution for buying savings bonds when you are residing in Canada was published 3 months ago.

Nowadays, investing is very popular. People became wise enough to spend their money wisely. Most of us, are willing to learn how to spend little money to make more money. Through the power of leveraging, we can make money without even spending a single dime.


The good news is that when we invest our money in any investment vehicle like bonds, stocks, real estate, mutual funds or trust account, we have only spend little effort on our part to make our money grow. That’s why, paper assets has a big role when a person wants to meet time and financial freedom.

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Make Money Investing in Stocks

You can make money in stocks through capital gains and dividends. So do you want to earn money by investing in the stock market? Do you know how does stock market works? If you answer yes, try this online guide,

  • Open a brokerage account
  • Fund your online brokerage account
  • Start buying stock shares
  • Sell your stocks if the price increases

As a rule, Warren Buffett (the 3rd wealthiest man in the world) reminds us about investing. The popular quote “Rule Number 1: Never lose money. Rule Number 2: Never forget rule number 1” is my guide when investing. I don’t want to lose money, even a single dime.

This simply means you have to study carefully on what stocks to buy online and when is the best time to sell it. To prevent huge losses in the stock market, you should study also asset allocation strategies, wherein stocks and bonds are somehow the best options.

Buy Government or Corporate Bonds Online

As a guide, please read Canada Savings Bonds. There are few ways to invest in bonds. You can buy bonds through mutual fund companies (bond type) and trust account. Maybe you are residing in United States, you can invest directly to Treasury Direct.

Bonds can’t give you highest return on investment compare to stocks. However, bonds can neutralize the performance of your total investments. Example, your investment funds in the stock market didn’t perform well, you can recover your loses through other investment vehicle like bonds.

You can choose which type you want to invest your money in like Savings Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Treasury Bonds or Corporate Bonds, as a useful resource on what is bonds all about and how to invest in it, kindly go to Investopedia Bonds Complete Tutorials

Summing Up

You can buy stocks through an online stock brokerage company.  You can also buy stocks directly to the company. Experts prefer to buy blue chip stocks. You can buy bonds through mutual funds by just purchasing mutual fund bond type.

Investing is not easy. Whether you like it or not, if you want to succeed in investing, you need to invest in education and training. Proper guidance from a certified financial planner is highly advisable.

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