Where to Buy Mutual Funds?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 5, 2015

Know where to buy mutual funds in Canada and USA. Basic tips and guidelines in choosing the best broker when buying mutual fund shares.

Do you want to know where to buy mutual funds? Are interested in buying shares? In mutual funds investing, you are buying shares. Before you will decide if mutual funds is the best investment for you, take a look first on how many percentage of your total assets should you invest in mutual funds.


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Mutual funds investing is one of the best paper assets. The advantage of investing in mutual funds is that you don’t have to always know the market trends. The fund manager will be the one to look for any market trends carefully and analyze on where to invest the pooled funds.

Where to Buy Mutual Funds?

Not all mutual fund companies has great fund manager. If you want to make sure that your money will gain profits, choose those companies that has skillful fund managers.

  • You can buy mutual fund shares online. But, it doesn’t mean you will not submit any requirements from your preferred broker.
  • In Canada and USA, the popular brokers are Vanguard and Fidelity Investments.

Carefully choose the mutual fund type you want to invest your money in. Some mutual funds are invested in stocks, some are in bonds and some funds are invested in stocks and bonds. After you choose your broker, ask the fund manager or the company on which of the best performing funds.

  • Equity mutual funds can give you high return on investments but these are high risk types of mutual funds.
  • Balanced mutual funds are for moderately aggressive investors.
  • Bond fund are for investors who want to take low risk.

When buying mutual fund shares, understand the prospectus and terms and conditions of the company. Also, you should understand that there are certain charges when buying and selling your shares.

Your responsibility as a shareholder shouldn’t end in just buying and selling your shares. You have the rights to know the chairman of the boards, the fund managers and you have the right to attend the annual shareholder’s meeting.

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