When Will I Become Rich

Posted by Grace under Money on August 21, 2015

When will I become rich is not the right question. The right questions should be “what’s the best thing to get rich asap!”.  Awhile ago, InvestmentTotal.com explained what is the difference between wealth and rich. I just want to share with you the things I want to do when I become rich. What are my plans, how should I spend my money and to whom I will spend the rest of my life.Many people are planning to become rich. They want to become rich like crazy. They will do anything just to become rich. However, they don’t know what’s the reason why they want to become rich?

When Will I Become Rich

I will become wealthy when I acquired my target earning asset for retirement. I know how do people become rich and how to become wealthy. I just follow the advice of my rich friend. he told me to keep on saving and investing until my money will work hard for me!


Give More Money

I will give more money to the church and donate more money to any of the charities or foundations near in our local places. Donating and giving is one of my priorities. I should share my wealth to my loved ones and to other people.

I will offer more money to the church and I will make sure our Almighty God will be glorified. I believe sooner, I will become a multi-millionaire. I am investing my money in stocks, mutual funds, business and real estate. What I am doing is multiplying my wealth through investing.

Buying What I Want

I will buy more assets such as stocks and mutual fund shares. I will buy real estate properties and business franchises. I will by a two-storey house and lot, a car and important stuffs such as books collections, jewelries, gold and gadgets.

Many rich people enjoy their lives by traveling and eating. They travel the whole world visiting different beautiful places such as Paris, New York City, Tokyo Japan, every tourist spots in each countries in the world. But for me, I will spend the rest of my life enjoying music inside the church. Offering praises to the Lord everyday.

What about you? What do you want to do when you get rich? Will you enjoy your life like other millionaires do? Please share your plans using the comment box. Thank you for reading this page talking about the things I want to do when I become rich.

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